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October 25, 2010

One Prerequisite Is Fulfilled

Have you ever heard that UF has a really good record lately against Georgia?  Usually, it's the ONLY thing the national media discusses in previews of this game in recent years.  As I've said before, we aren't the only team who's struggled against the Gators in the last twenty years.  Despite that, it seems we're the only team that consistently gets the recent series record dangled in our face.

So sure, we've had our issues in Jacksonville.  In every UGA victory in that twenty year span of futility, though, UF came into the game with a loss against LSU (1997, 2004, and 2007).  An LSU victory over the Gators doesn't signify that the Dawgs will win because LSU has beaten UF a few more times in the last twenty years than we have, but we haven't beaten them without LSU doing it first.  At least that one tiny omen favors us.



Anonymous said...

I would've felt a lot better going into this one if the bizzaro Bulldogs would've lost to UF.

Anonymous said...

trey burton worries this guy:

Scott said...

Just remember, before the last 20 years Georgia was dominant in this series! Now that Saint Tebow is riding the bench in Denver, I look forward to going back to the future!

Sam, Dawg Fan said...

None of those teams with bad records against UF are considered as big a rival as UGA.

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