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October 1, 2010

Speaking of Strength and Conditioning

Remember back in June when UGA released their strength and speed numbers. An interesting read in light of what we've seen so far on the field.

I like our chances Saturday because we're more talented. If we get our confidence back, we'll be fine.



JRL said...

With the overal team speed we have I'm going to watch the entire game in slow motion - least I miss most of the plays.

flukebucket said...

I liked our chances last Saturday because we were more talented.

But in the trenches we look fat and slow and weak. I don't believe confidence is enough to put us over the hump.

GreenDawg said...

Even if those S&C numbers were true, I still would not believe in the S&C program. First of all, why is bench press the new golden standard for football strength? A bench press has little to no effect on a person's ability to play football. My coach used to say "the only time you use a bench press on a football field is when you're pushing yourself off the ground." Secondly, how about some actual numbers about conditioning, not just speed. Because I've seen some very tired players in the fourth quarter.

Anonymous said...

I remember when Jermaine Phillips took pride in his 7 1/2 minute mile and a half run. That's a great time for a DB, or anyone for that matter. I wonder if we still use that as a judge of conditioning?

Will said...

I remember in the better days here, they actually would release the top bench weights (back when JT Wall and Ben Watson put up 500+ lbs.)

I have a sinking suspicion that our S & C program is doing the same thing it did in 2001, and what it had done for years at FSU...which was great 10 years ago, but has been passed now.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I am just not seeing all this "talent" that we keep hearing about.

We have ONE 1st round draft pick on the team.

And it's not going to get better soon. Look at all the freshmen contributing around the conference. LSU has the 2nd best defense in the conference with about 6 freshmen contributing.

This is the least talented team since 1996, but at least that team had Ward, Edwards, Champ and a Stinchcomb.

Glenn and Boling "should" be NFL players, so should Boykin and Houston. Outside of that, there just ain't much in the cupboard.

Not to pick on the kids, but neither Vance Cuff nor Christian Robinson could have made the 2 deep on the 2003 team. They are starters this year.

Unless Coach Richt can pull a rabbit out of his cap, get Crowell, Wright, Swann and Drew, it isn't going to get better.

Brian Randolph and AJ Johnson are two of the 5 best kids in the state this year and UGA didn't even recruit them.

The recruiting, just like the coaching has simply been lazy the last few years.

I counted 18 kids who are simply taking up a scholarship on this year's roster and will likely never contribute. We gave Faloughi a scholarship-HE IS A FRESHMAN. It's a real sweet gesture to give a walk-on a scholly when that kid is a senior and you have a couple of scholly's left-over, but good grief, you don't give it to one when he is a freshman.

We have a BACKUP KICKER ON SCHOLARSHIP. How ludicrous is that. We have the best kicker in the country, and we invest a scholarship in a walk-on?

Coach Richt has forgotten that he is not running a charity camp. This is about W's and L's.

The Senator had a post the other day that said that Ingram and Dareus were the 29th and 30th signees in that class. I am not advocating over-signing, but good grief, I wish we were using our 23rd and 24th schollies on guys who may turn out to be studs.

Anonymous said...

Y'all must not have jobs when you bust on conditioning. Admit it you quit on CMR. Hear the managers don't fold socks like they did in 2002.

Dawgaholic said...

If conditioning had changed that much over the past few years, you would see a definite trend at the NFL combine. There's no distinct trend there for records to be broken each year or players getting significantly better numbers on average.

Before someone retorts that the NFL combine doesn't test real football skills/strength, you've got to believe NFL scouts don't know what they're doing at the combine to think NFL scouts are not testing the right things.

Having a similar offense to the one you did 15 years ago is probably a much bigger problem than having a similar strength and conditioning program.

Let Bobo have full control of the offense and let's see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Greendawg, bench tends to be the standard, because unlike a typically more useful exercise, such as the power clean for example, bench requires relatively little advanced technique. This makes it easier to gauge raw power. Clean numbers can be immensely increased by perfecting technique, which matters little come gameday.

CLT Dawg said...

yep -

Big difference between strength & power. We are strong, just not powerful...and to blow someone up on the line you need to be powerful. We may not need to change our personnel in the S&C program, but we clearly need to change our approach.

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