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March 10, 2011

Somebody Check the Weather Forecast

Positively enormous game for Georgia today at 1:00 pm against Auburn. It's almost universally accepted that if Georgia loses to an Auburn team with an RPI of 250+, they are NIT bound. It's a stance that I honestly can't argue. Who knows if winning this game will be enough to get us into the Tourney, but we're definitely out with a loss.

To turn this program around long term, Coach Fox will have to raise the recruiting bar to an entirely new level. Convincing more kids like Kentavious Caldwell to sign with us means he needs to prove to the kids, the HS coaches and the AAU coaches that he can do 3 things:
    1. Make the NCAA Tourney and win games when he gets there
    2. Put Georgia AAU kids into the NBA
    3. Play in front of big crowds at home
Fox's recruiting pitch is "Come to Georgia and all your dreams can come true. There's no reason to leave the state to make your dreams come true." That pitch is rock solid, but it doesn't resonate without those 3 things. So far, we've only shown that we can do #3 for big opponents. This is Fox's best shot at making the tourney. We have to walk through this open door.

Tickets today will be easy to come by. If you show up at the Georgia Dome, you will get a ticket at a reasonable price. Yes, we're in the same session as UK, but their fans don't really start pouring into Atlanta in overwhelming numbers until Friday. They honestly don't expect to be playing on Thursday in this tourney.

We need some fans getting loud. Take a long lunch hour and come over.

As for the weather remark, I can't help but remember the 2008 Tornado Tourney. Watching the Dawgs in person at the McThriller Dome win the SEC was one of the Top 5 sports moments of my entire life. I remember writing this article after we won the second game the prior day. I was completely out of hand.

The forecast today looks reasonable, but a little bad weather never hurts.



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