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June 2, 2011

Georgia Kickoff Times Announced

The SEC has set the kickoff times for a few TV games.  Dates that will impact Georgia:

Boise State - 8pm at the Georgia Dome on ESPN
South Carolina - 4:30pm in Athens on ESPN
Florida - 3:30pm in Jacksonville on CBS

Another interesting tidbit is CBS's doubleheader days: October 1st for the 3:30/8pm doubleheader and November 12th for the noon/3:30 doubleheader.  I'll look more deeply at the schedule, but the odds of Georgia getting in on the October 1st date are low.  We take on Mississippi State in Athens and there are a ton of intriguing match-ups on that date ('Bama at Florida, Texas A&M vs. Arkansas at Jerry Jones' football palace, South Carolina at Auburn, Buffalo at Tennessee). I look for us to be in the 3:30 game against Auburn on November 12, unless we are both terrible.

A couple of quick thoughts about the schedule so far.  The Boise State kickoff time isn't a revelation.  That game has been etched in stone as a 7:30-8pm kickoff since Truett Cathy invented the chicken sandwich.  Likewise, the 3:30 kickoff for Georgia-Florida isn't that surprising either, since we've kicked off around then every year since the '02 night game, as best as I can remember.

The 4:30 kickoff against South Carolina, however, gives an early test of the new tailgating rules.  I was scared this game, following what we saw last season, was going to be a 1pm (or 12:21) kickoff.  Glad we are getting back to some decent tailgating time. 

Now that the SEC has started scheduling games, I'll try to breakdown the season and project some start times in the next week.  If the conference office holds to their past pattern, they won't do too much more with the TV schedule until mid-July.



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