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July 28, 2011

Random Thursday Thoughts

A few things I have had rumbling around in my mind the past couple of days:
  • The Jarvis Situation. While I know there is an issue here, it is unclear to me what the nature of that issue is.  Did he receive an impermissible benefit? If he did, what was his knowledge of the situation (the Cam Newton Rule)? If he knew, what was the relationship of the dude that cut the checks with him/his mother?  I don't trust the NCAA to be fair, but the proactive response by Georgia will help keep the NCAA response less punitive.  Hopefully.
  • The Kentavious Caldwell-Pope situation. I am less hopeful here.  I don't see anyway he suits up to start the season.  I hope he'll be around by the time we start the SEC schedule in January.
  • Alcohol at the Georgia Dome. Several hours of prime bourbon drinking time+beer until halftime=fail.  I just don't see anyway around it.
  • The Running Back situation. I'm a bit worried about the coaches keeping the wraps on Crowell.  On one hand, I see why.  On the other, it just makes me wonder why.  Also, I hope the extra muscle Samuel has gained helps him hold onto the football better.  I have a feeling we'll see much more of him than we might think.
  • Freshmen Receivers. I made it to July 28th without buying into off season hype. I can resist no longer.  One thing this team desperately needs is a go to receiver that will make Dcordinators think twice about putting corners on the line with our receivers and dare us to take 3-5 yard pass and running plays.  I hope the AJ Green comparisons Malcom Mitchell are drawing are real.
  • Richt at SEC Media Days. I don't share the consternation that Quinton does about Richt's performance at media days.  After answering that question for the past ten years, I don't think we should expect him to go Spurrier on us and be glib.  However, I was very happy with the forthright demeanor Richt had in Birmingham.  As PWD put it to me, 'he kept it real.'  He didn't sugar coat what happened last season, especially regarding the running backs.  He acknowledged, in his own way, that this season means more than past seasons.  I can't say it'll mean anything on the field, but he put on a very different face than what we had been seeing.


    Anonymous said...

    The wrs better step up. It'd be nothing short of silly to expect better than an average rushing attack. It's possible not probable

    Unknown said...

    I don't think KCP will be out til January, but I do think he'll sit a bit.

    I think the Boise situation will be absolutely electric. If we can hold the lead early it'll be completely unglued in there.

    LCUGA said...

    I'm in full agreement w/ PWD. Barring any major clusters in preseason practice (injuries, arrests, stupidity, etc.), Dawg fans should be primed and ready to roar. If we come out guns a blazin', look out. Old No. 7, etc. will make it all the more electric.

    Reptillicide said...

    I'm way past buying in to the off-season hype. I'm fully intoxicated with it. I believe this team will be A LOT better than many think. I'm talking a team of the 10-11 win variety. Now pass me more punch.

    Unknown said...

    Can we really buy beer until halftime at the Ga. Dome for Boise? Does anyone know?

    JJBA said...

    Its all about the health of the O-line imo. If we can go the whole season with at least 4 of the starting 5 in every game, 9+ wins is doable. If we play any game with 2 of those 5 out its going to be a helluva time moving the football against any defense.

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