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December 20, 2011

Richt and Loyalty

If you want a further glimpse into how Richt is wired, read this article from the AJC about some of the secondary violations committed by Richt over the past few years. Most folks will focus on the $25k Richt gave former assistants. I found this note about the support staff more interesting.
In December 2009, due to “difficult economic conditions being experienced by the University,” the athletic department decided to not provide “bowl bonuses” to non-coach staff members. Richt went to senior associate AD Frank Crumley and asked him to provide a chart of who would have normally received bonuses and in what amount. Crumley provided that list and Richt paid 10 people – sports medicine director Ron Courson, video coordinator Joe Tereshinski, strength and conditioning coaches Keith Gray and Clay Walker, football operations manager Josh Brooks, high school relations director Ray Lamb and four administrative assistants — $15,227 out of his own pocket.

Richt also paid the $15,337.50 five-year longevity bonus to former assistant Dave Johnson when Johnson left Georgia in 2008 just short of his fifth anniversary and the administration refused to pay. Richt paid $6,000 to Jon Fabris in December of 2010 when Fabris was unable to find a job after his UGA severance package expired.

In each case,the payments were not considered against NCAA rules because they were done with the knowledge of the athletic administration, according to the report.
Damn Good Boss.



Anonymous said...

Next time Richt should just do what Auburn does and leave cash in a paper bag.

Anonymous said...

Alabama can have Saben, PSU can have Joe Pa.

Hasbeen13 said...

If Frank knew what Richt wanted to accomplish, why didn't he re-route the money so Richt didn't pay after tax money to his assistants? The answer is too political to share here, but what I appreciate about your post is that Richt keeps his promises -see Dave Johnson.

Hoping McGarity will offer more support than the previous knucklehead(s).

PatinDC said...

And people wonder why CMR's assistant don't leave for other jobs. Do you think Chizik or Meyer pay anything out of their pockets?

Dubbayoo said...

You should read the comments on ESPN. Everyone not a fan of Ohio State is just raving over his good guy-ness

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