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December 22, 2011

2012 UGA Football Schedule Rumors

The SEC announced today that they won't be finished with the 2012 football schedule until after Christmas. With that in mind, here's the UGA football schedule as I'm projecting based on the rumors and rumblings:
    Week 1: Buffalo (home)
    Week 2: Missouri (away)
    Week 3: Florida Atlantic (home)
    Week 4: Vanderbilt (home)
    Week 5: Tennessee (home)
    Week 6: South Carolina (away)
    Week 7: Kentucky (away)
    Week 8: BYE Week
    Week 9: Florida (Jax)
    Week 10: Alabama (home)
    Week 11: Auburn (away)
    Week 12: Georgia Southern (home)
    Week 13: Georgia Tech (home)
There's a chance we could see Bama at home in Week 8 before the Cocktail Party with the bye week after Florida, but that's not what I heard earlier this week. This is all still fluid to some degree so you could see even more changes. However, this is the latest as of yesterday's rumor mill.

The games that are either confirmed or darn close to being confirmed are Buffalo, Missouri, FAU, Georgia Southern and Georgia Tech. Given that Ole Miss appears to be playing Florida and Missouri from the SEC East next year, it looks very likely that Georgia does get home.

UPDATE: Various other media outlets are saying that UGA will play Ole Miss at home in Week 10 instead of Alabama. That would be great, but I'm struggling with the conflicting Ole Miss rumors which have them playing:
    Missouri and Vandy
    or Florida and Vandy
    or Missouri and Florida
    or UGA and Vandy
I had projected earlier this offseason that we'd get Ole Miss and Aubrn as our Western Teams. I would prefer to have been right then....than the post above.



Anonymous said...

Buffalo, Florida Atlantic, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia Southern and Tech. A season ticket holder's worse home schedule ever. Probably four noon starts, with stands clearing out in the 3rd Q.

Anonymous said...

Ole Miss isn't expected to play Vandy? That would mean the cross-division rivals are being shaken-up.

Unknown said...

Anon @ 1:05 - Good question. I'm less sure about the Ole Miss issue. Last I heard, they were getting UF and Mizz. But you're right. That doesn't make sense. Because the other rivalry games need to stand up. maybe UF and Vandy. I'm less sure if that piece.

Unknown said...

@Anon 12:27:

Historically, UGA has had 2 decent home games a year. Even Years = UT and GT. Odd years = AU and SC. Sometimes we'd rotate into LSU or Bama for a 3rd good home game.

It has been extremely rare over the past 20 years to have 4 good home games.

If we get UT, Bama and GT at home, that's a pretty solid slate.

It sure beats the hell out of this year which was SC, Auburn and our 3rd best home game as Miss State.

The '07-'09 schedules aren't normal.

KornDawg said...

I'm sure there will be a little more interest in the Vandy game next year, considering the fireworks at the end of this season's game.

The General said...

Plus, I think the fans stay to the end to watch us grind Franklin's Dores into a fine powder. That makes four out of seven home games that hold my interest.

Anonymous said...

Good grief that is a perfect example of a back-loaded schedule. Wow. I absolutely hate it.

If true, I will definitely have my concerns that McGarity is a weak AD. I've loved him up until now but he needs to do better than this. We'll see what we end up with.

Anonymous said...

ESPN is predicting a different model than this. They leave BAMA off. No need to panic about it being backloaded just yet.

Anonymous said...

Exactly what did you folks expect? This non conference stuff is exactly what McGarity promised to give us when he canceled the Oregon series. Wait till after the Clemson series ends. We will have more of this OOC garbage because it is the Gator way. This is worse than the NFL fan having to pay for meaningless exhibition games.

The only way to combat this crap is to go to 9 conference games.

BornCash said...

If we go to 9 conference games we will drop the tech series to 2 to 4 times every decade.

Anonymous said...

Nah, we won't drop Tech. We will reduce the garbage teams that we pay full price for to 2. We probably will back out of Ohio State like we did Oregon, but at least we would still be playing 10 BCS level opponents vs Coastal Carolina.

Hunkering Hank said...

I think a backloaded schedule might favor UGA. We always seem to have trouble early and then get going late many years. Win some games, get confident, get ranked high, workout the kinks, etc. It's not a bad change perhaps.

PatinDC said...

Well, If you don't like the schedule, you don't have to buy the tickets. I am sure someone else would be happy to pick up your seats.
I love a few more games that are kid friendly. They are the future fans you know.

NRBQ said...

I wouldn't dismiss the front end of that schedule, either.

Last year, the Dawgs beat UT, Vandy, and UK by 8, 5, and 9 points, after most of us anticipated crushing wins.

Throw in Missouri as somewhat of an unknown, and we may see another pins-and-needles season against the "soft" portion of the schedule

Anonymous said...


So Coastal Carolina is kid friendly but Arizona or Clemson or Ohio State is not? You certainly hit that one out of the park.

Anonymous said...

I think you missed his point Anon@11pm. Kid friendly games are usually the cupcake games. People don't get us 'animated' for those games as they do the SEC and big OOC games.

Anonymous said...

putting USC later in the schedule is a good thing. they always get worse as the season progresses and we always get better.

Anonymous said...

It's kind of funny hearing some Dawg fans talk about a "soft schedule" when we barely beat UT, UK, Vandy, and UF, all of which were not very good teams. Unfortunately, the Dawgs have not yet proven if we've turned the corner because they've failed in the only three tests this season.

Hunkering Hank said...

Sept. 8: at Missouri
Oct. 6: at South Carolina
Oct. 20: at Kentucky
Oct. 27: vs. Florida (Jacksonville)
Nov. 3: OLE MISS
Nov. 10: at Auburn

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