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December 28, 2011

UGA 2012 Schedule: No Bama

The SEC just released the 2012 SEC football schedule.  The Bulldogs will avoid playing Bama and will instead pick up Ole Miss. Georgia will not get a bye week before the Cocktail Party as the SEC moved the UK game back a week.  The bye week is currently Oct. 13th.   On the other hand, the Gators don't have a bye week either.  They play at South Carolina prior to our match-up.

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Ben said...

We're not "picking up" Ole Miss. We're continuing the home/home we had with this from this, and Bama got dropped because they'd be coming on the rotation in '12. Instead, it seems like for UGA that the Bama rotation won't start until (I'd guess) '13/'14 to minimize potential scheduling disaster.

As long as Dawgs keep saying, "We avoided Bama" we'l sound like a bunch who's afraid to go toe to toe with the big boys from the West. I wish Ole Miss had been dropped and Bama had been picked up; that'd be a lot better for us and our image next fall.

Let the "UGA played a weak schedule" begin.

Pl0we said...

Still got to take care of business next year. Hopefully we make it two in a row against the reptiles.

j.leonardjr said...

Technically we didn't pick up Ole Miss. That is the return trip to Athens since we played them in Oxford this season.

Anonymous said...

Florida will play South Carolina in Gainesville, not Columbia.

Anonymous said...

If Dawgs do not win the East in 2012 and show significant improvement in the SECCG, then the season will be a huge disappointment.

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