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March 22, 2012

Dear Georgia Tech...

A division title is the minimum you need to earn a ring.

(via @brandensmith1)


JaxDawg said...

(1) Brandon Smith needs to put the ring and weed down.

(2) Do the Gators reward their players with these rings when they win the east?

(3) Does Bama or LSU do the same?

Anonymous said...

I'm all for rewarding the players for winning a championship considering the time and work they put in for the University.

But like JaxDawg, I am curious if other schools get them for winning divisions. I do not know.

Anonymous said...

Jax Dawg - Yes. LSU Printed Championship Rings for the 2005 Peach Bowl Championship. The ring mentions their SEC West Title.

Search this item #320809894527

I would wager that UF made rings that say something like 2009-2010 Sugar Bowl Champs. Those types of rings typically mention the Divisional Title.

Jim Wood said...

Jax Dawg - I'm a firm believer that if you want to insult someone, you should at least know how to spell their name.

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