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September 28, 2012

Never Forget

There are few bright line moments in football seasons. Usually, you don't see a decline until it has long started. Same goes for ascension  although that is usually preceded by an epochal change, like a new coach or signing Herschel Walker. However, there are very few dates as pivotal as Saturday, October 10, 2009.

That was the date Willie Martinez became dead to me. Sure, we can find plenty of fault to go around in a 45-19 ass whomping. The offense looked anemic (we scored exactly 3 offensive points, the rest on special teams and defense). The team looked uninterested. Jonathan Crompton looked like Joe Montana.

Never Forget (not that jumping up and down non-sense, that is just Vawls being Vawls). We are a completely different program than we were in 2009. Different mind set. Different defensive coordinator. Different S&C program. Different approach to offense. As far as I am concerned, we still have some score settling with Tennessee. We got a workman like win there last year. Now is the time to show the nation  that we are for real.

GATA and Go Damn Dawgs!



Anonymous said...

I was at that game. We left about midway in the 3rd quarter and drove back home. Instead of the UT fans shaking their keys and yelling at us they were asking us what was wrong with our program. To me only the Kentucky game in 2009 was lower. It really felt like Ray Goff was back on the sidelines. The team was not ready to play that game and you could see it and feel it in pregame warmups. I'm so thankful times are better.

Ginny said...

Colorado was my low point. That game was so haphazard and depressing. I honestly feel that we are light years ahead of where we were then. I haven't felt this confident about a Georgia team in a very long time.

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