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January 13, 2014

My defensive coordinator wish list

Westerdawg threw one name out that I'd be intrigued by in David Gibbs, who is currently the DC at the University of Houston. While he has jumped around some, his NFL experience, combined with his current success at UofH makes him worth a look. Plus, he's a DB coach by trade, and as noted by PWD has coached up some pretty good ones in The League.

I'm making the conscious choice to ignore some Name Brand guys (at least until the bottom of this post). 

Here are my top names, basically in order of my jones:

Pat Narduzzi - Current DC at Michigan State. His teams produce, bro. Yeah, it's the B1.5G, but they produce. You have to go back three years to find a season in which his defenses aren't in the top 10 in total D. And he is one hell of an in game coach who is willing to view his defenses as a weapon, not an impediment.

Clancy Pendergast - Former NFL DC who is now looking since he wasn't retained as a part of Sark's crew at Southern Cal. He is also a devoted 3-4/5-2 coach who loves to bring the pain up front. And he significantly improved Southern Cal's defensive stats in his first year.

Kirk Olividatti - Good coach. Is probably ready to lead the unit. Much better rapport with Richt. Huge if we are worried about continuity and team cohesiveness. 

Here are some other guys that have potential to be effective DCs at Georgia:

Nick Holt - Current DC at Western Kentucky. Let the Hilltopers to a top 25 finish in total defense and was respectable in points allowed. They also were top 20 in passing defense. My only concern was his abysmal showing as Washington's DC in his last season there, finishing 108th in total defense. 

Tyrone Nix -  Current DC at Middle Tennessee State. Former DC at South Carolina and Ole Miss. Nominated for Broyles award while at Ole Miss. His Blue Raider defenses run the 4-2, but has coached the 3-3 and 5-2 at Ole Miss and South Carolina. Effective teacher, but his Middle Tenn defenses has been maddeningly inconsistent at times. That scares me.

Randy Shannon - Current LB coach at Arkansas. Not sure if he has ever coached the 3-4, but his defenses at Miami as DC only ranked below 7th in total D once in six years. It was 28th that year. So, yeah. Dude can coach a little.

Manny Diaz - Former DC at Texas and Middle Tennessee. Is he damaged goods after getting the blame for Texas's lack of defensive recruiting terrible run defense? The Longhorns improvement after that BYU game surely didn't help that narrative go away.

Ed Orgeron - I know he's never coordinated before. But that dude can close like Alec Baldwin at the Democratic National Convention. Wonder if he can coach LBs?

Yeah, but if we could get them guys....

John Chavis - We've beaten this horse some, but if he's interested, we've got to consider it.
Kirby Smart - Same. The only compelling thing for him is to step out of Saban's shadow, if that is what he wants to do. And then there is the jack it'd take to get him here. Remember, if we pay Kirby what Alambama is paying him, we'd be criminally negligent in not bumping Bobo up to something close to that. Look, if he is in, and I mean in without looking back, this is a home run hire. If he's going to 'think it over' and allow Saban to Jedi Mind Trick him into staying, then we need to just walk away.
Agent Muschamp - Current head coach at Florida.
Gruden - Just to troll Tennessee.

Also, I'd bet there are some NFL guys that would merit a look, so don't be shocked when someone we've barely heard of gets connected to the job.

Who'd you have on your list?


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Hunkering Hank said...

That Alex Baldwin line is +1,000,000. Hell, let's have Alex Baldwin coach the D.

Joseph Fain said...

Randy Shannon just seems to make a ton of sense:
1) Proven effective DC
2) Roots to southern football and recruiting (which I think is huge given the loss of our two best recruiters on that side)
3) Wont have his eye on the next job from the minute he takes this one
4) Would accept the job on the spot / could be in place quickly

marshmanslim said...

I'm leaning towards Nix but Shannon does make a lot of sense. Promoting Wilson seems to be mixed bag...Idk. This is a very important hire. I trust that they'll get it right.

Gordon said...

And his dad (Alex) coached the OL under Dooley in '82-'83.

gullyterrier . said...

The more candidates I see, the more I like Randy Shannon.
No way we get the Stanford or MST guys. They are ready to take the step to HC.

paulwesterdawg said...

Coach Olidavitt doesn't sub enough for me. I'd rather not have a first time DC with on the job training. And I damn sure don't want anyone fired at Miss State. My dream guys are the dude at Michigan State, Stanford, Bama and LSU. After that, it gets really squishy. And I don't think any of those top 4 are coming. Of all of them....what the guy at Stanford is doing schematically against Oregon the past 2 years is staggering.

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