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January 13, 2014

Profiles in Hope: David Gibbs DC Candidate

By Paul Westerdawg

This article isn't campaigning for David Gibbs, but last night I researched the guy and liked what I saw.  Let's start with his personal story:
  • Son of Alex Gibbs, famous OL coach
  • Former resident of Auburn, AL
  • Attended the University of Colorado
  • Coached for 20+ years.  10 in the NFL, 9 in college and 1 semi-pro
  • 4 years as Champ Bailey's DB coach in Denver
  • 6 years as a college DC
  • 1 year as DC of Auburn (2005)
  • 1 year as DC of the Houston Cougars (2013)
In 2013, he inherited a defense which allowed 36 points per game, and he cut that total in one year to 21.8 points per game.  In other words, he fielded a Top 20 scoring defense one year removed from the Cougars finishing 110th in the nation in scoring D.

In his first year, he trimmed almost a full yard per carry off the run defense, and his troops allowed 10 less passing TDs this year.  Other stats from his 2013 defense include:
  • Scoring Defense: 20th in the Nation
  • Total Defense: 80th
  • Rush Defense: 44th
  • Passes Defensed: 7th
  • Interceptions: SECOND
  • Fumbles Forced: FIFTH
  • Fumbles recovered: FIRST
  • Opponents 3rd Down conversion: 24th
The biggest problem his defense had was on long passing plays.  For instance, they only allowed 6 completions against Vandy in their bowl game; however, two of those passes were 50 yard TD completions. Overall, the pass defense yardage numbers are bad this year, but the passing TDs and other passing turnover stats are good to exceptional.

Considering they had two sophomore safeties and considering where they were the prior year that's still a massive, massive leap  That leap, his team's ability to produce turnovers, and his history as a DB coach is likely why the Dawgs are rumored to have already spoken with him.

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