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October 13, 2014

Defensive stats and lies

Don't look now, but Georgia is in the top 20 nationally in some important stat categories:
We are also the only team in the nation that hasn't allowed a play over 40 yards, and we've only given up two rushing plays of more than 20 yards. 

As for passing, we are 27th in yards per game allowed, 31st in passer rating allowed, 31st in passing TDs allowed, and a middling 51st in completion percentage allowed. We are 117th on 3rd and middle yardage in completion percentage.

I'll get to what all of this means against Arkansas later, but Arkansas is 107th in passing yards per game. In so many ways, their offense looks just like Georgia's offense, with without the expectation of their starting QB to look like Matt Stafford.

*all stats from


Joe Morris said...

We may be down the line in 3rd down completions, but obviously, they must be short passes that don't result in a 3rd down conversion for the opposing offense.

TylerDawgden said...

Teams have converted 13 first downs via passing against Georgia, with 26 completions on 50 attempts, so you are correct, for 3rd down generally.

On 3rd and 406 yards, teams are 11 for 15, with 9 first downs. Only happens a few times a game, but it is huge when it does.

For comparison, teams have only attempted to run the ball 5 times in those situations, for a loss of eight yards.

Austen Bannan said...

A very satisfying performance indeed. My minor concerns going forward, however:

1) We didn't have to give Chubb 38 carries vs. Douglas' 13. I'd have split it more like Chubb 30, Douglas 20 because Douglas could have kept Chubb fresher and less exposed to injury while running equally as well (or better?). Yeah, Chubb is better overall, but in a ground and pound game, the two were fairly interchangeable.

2) Perhaps it makes 100% sense to stick with Mason through the first half as a senior leader on the road without Gurley, but I'd still have give Ramsey a bit more action in terms of getting to air the ball out. The concern for me, beyond Mason's limited arm strength, is that he doesn't seem to handle duress very well, as he panicked a couple times despite only a handful of successful Mizzou QB pressures. He needs to stop throwing the ball into rushing linemen's thighs!

3) I'd have tried to get the ball to McKenzie a couple more times, too. Even if he would have a hard time against stacked lines, his fresh legs and high end speed might have delivered a big gain that we lacked had he been given one or two more opportunities.

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