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November 27, 2016

What's next?

We've all seen this before: Play calling to not lose, lack of focus at key times, not running the plays that work until the defense stops them, being too cute with personnel. Clock and play management snafus.

That's probably what I was most frustrated about.

And that was 2001.

It took a while of post game processing to get there, but I was frustrated because what we saw yesterday is replay of what we saw the last time we hired a young hotshot coordinator who is The Next Big Thing.

There isn't any real revelation there, but there is hope that this The Next Big Thing learns faster.

One other thing, before you get too far down that road, Mark Richt's 2001 team had three all conference selections on the Oline.

I've said all along, it is impossible to write the story of Kirby Smart's success until we see if he's learning to be a head coach. On the job training on national television sucks. We can debate if we are a program that should be doing that, but we made the decision that we are a program that does that. Ignore the noise about what Mark Richt was or what Georgia was or blahblahblahMuschamp.

That is until we are still doing those things above in year three.


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