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September 2, 2005

Boise uses Yoda to prep for Dawgs

Damn good article about the game from Talks about how Hawkins has been prepping his kids for the heat and mental game.

I still think we win by 10+ as long as we don't turn it over, but I have to admit. I like this Hawkins character. I hope he ends up in the Pac-10 or Big 12.



mchgunner said...

No doubt, Dan Hawkins is and will continue to be one of the best coaches in college football. The offers he got from Notre Dame Washington, and Stanford prove that not only is he succesful, but schools want to steal him from BSU before they become big contenders. He is eccentric and tactical. And he is creating a legacy for himself. Boise State's game vs UGA will be one to watch. Personally I think BSU will take it, but it will be a battle.

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