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September 2, 2005

Mike Floyd's SEC Preview and All-Time Dawg Team

For the past several years, Mike Floyd has written an e-newsletter for Dawg Fans that has circled the web. Back at UGA he wrote an article before the 1991 Clemson game that was picked up in the Clemson paper. The article was so wonderfully anti-Clemson that former friends of his parents no longer speak to them after reading it. The article "What Does Clemson Have" is still a priceless gem. I'll be republishing Mike's newsletter for the blog this season.

Here's his first article of the season.

By Mike Floyd:
Greetings, Dawg fans! With kickoff just hours away, this is usually the time you'd expect to get my annual SEC Football Preview and Predictions. Alas, time has been a bit limited this year, although I do have a Cliff Notes version available.

Here goes:

Tennessee = Over-rated, plus games @LSU, @Florida and @Alabama
Florida = Hey Urban, EVERYBODY has talent in the SEC. Welcome.
South Carolina = It's going to be a long year for Spurrier
Kentucky = Just awful.
Vanderbilt = Better than usual

LSU = SEC West Champs
Bama = Still lacking talent at key positions, but better.
Auburn = Back to the standard 8-3 season.
Ole Miss = No QB means trouble for the Rebs.
Arkansas = Lucky to break .500
Miss State = A long way from turning the corner

Which brings us to Georgia.

For once, the scheduling Gods have smiled on our Bulldogs. We trade LSU for Mississippi State, get Auburn, Arkansas and South Carolina at home, and catch Tennessee in Knoxville after the Vols have been softened up by road trips to LSU and Florida. The defense may take a step back in 2005, but the offense will be better than last year in terms of putting points on the board. Shockley is better than you think.

Bottom line? Georgia takes the East, and the winner of the SEC Title game heads for Pasadena for a Rose Bowl showdown with Southern California. There you have it.

Now, on to more pressing matters. Instead of a full-blown preview, I have instead put together an All-Time Georgia Bulldog team.

Sonny King and I put in countless hours (which is to say, we did this on the airplane on the way back from a fishing trip) to provide you, dear reader, a template for what promises to be the topic of many tailgate discussions this weekend.

Attached you will find our selections, but these are far from written in stone. Instead, we'd also like to have some input from you. With that in mind, please print out the King/Floyd selections, make changes where you deem them necessary, and send them to me via e-mail some time in the coming weeks.

I'll tally your votes and give you a final team the week of October 1st, our first off-week of the season.

Have fun and Go Dawgs!
- Floyd

1st Team Offense
QB: David Greene
RB: Herschel Walker
RB: Frank Sinkwich
WR: Terrence Edwards
WR: Lindsay Scott
OL: Matt Stinchcomb
OL: Guy McIntyre
OL: Ray Donaldson
OL: Edgar Chandler
OL: Mike "Moonpie" Wilson
TE: Clarence Kay
Athlete: Charley Trippi
Kicker: Kevin Butler

[Photo: the Goal Line Stalker]

1st Team Defense:
DL: David Pollack
DL: Richard Seymour
DL: Bill Stanfill
DL: Freddie Gilbert
LB: Boss Bailey
LB: Kendrell Bell
LB: Ben Zambiasi
DB: Champ Bailey
DB: Ben Smith
DB: Jake Scott
DB: Sean Jones
DB: Terry Hoage
Punter: Spike Jones

2nd Team Offense:
QB: John Rauch
RB: Garrison Hearst
RB: Rodney Hampton
WR: Charles Whittemore
WR: Brice Hunter
OL: Jon Stinchcomb
OL: Wayne Radloffe
OL: Pete Anderson
OL: Adam Meadows
OL: Pat Dye
TE: Randy McMichael
Athlete: Hines Ward
Kicker: Billy Bennett

[Photo: Pat Dye shows Urban Meyer how pointing and staring is done in the SEC.]

2nd Team Defense:
DL: Jonathon Sullivan
DL: George Patton
DL: Eddie "Meat Cleaver" Weaver
DL: Jimmy Payne
LB: Odell Thurman
LB: Knox Culpepper
LB: Mo Lewis
DB: Bill Krug
DB: Scott Woerner
DB: Jeff Sanchez
DB: Thomas Davis
Rov: John Little
Punter: Bill Hartman

[Photo: Ok, not that George Patton. The other one.]



paulwesterdawg said...

Mike - good list.

In terms of career production, I'd put Mo Lewis above Boss Bailey.

Also, from listening to Bill Hartmann talk about Charlie Trippi, he might have been one of our Top 3 DBs of all-time. If anyone would know, it would be Hartmann.

Maybe moving Hines up to 1st team Athlete and Trippi over to DB? Regardless, I wouldn't put Sean Jones as a Top 4 DB. I'd put Thomas Davis and Woerner ahead of Sean. He really only had 2003 and half of 2002 as great years.

Otherwise, a good list.

(I always get Ray Donaldson mixed up with some center at Bama. I actually had to look him up to make sure he was a Dawg. That's pretty weak on my part)

LD said...

Unsure how close they were to making the list, but I'd consider Richard Tardits and Eric Zeier.

And what about return guys? Gene Washington for Kicks, either Buzy Rosenberg, Zippy Morocco or Damien Gary for Punts.

Newspaper Hack said...

Brilliant. Tennessee=overrated, Bama No. 2 in the West and Georgia as better than advertised. Proves I'm not wearing a tin foil hat, I guess.

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