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September 22, 2005

Hollywood's Best Fraternities On Campus asks, who had the best Frat. Their choices:

5. The Pit (PCU)
4. Melon's Tall & Fat (Back to School)
3. The KEG House (Beverly Hills, 90210)
2. Alpha Beta (Revenge of the Nerds)
1. Lambda Epsilon Omega (Old School)
Lifetime Achievement award: Delta House (Animal House)

Ok, if I'm picking from that group, I definitely roll with Thorton Melon's crew. First, you're not competing with Thorton for the ladies. Second, he's got all the bills PAID. on Campus has had great stuff most of the week. Although most folks threw a conipition over their campus road trip rankings. Journalists who love Neyland Stadium have never sat in a seat in Neyland Stadium.

A gamecock fan once said this about practicing for a trip to Neyland Stadium:
"Go home. Buy a child restraint seat. Place it on top of your house. Climb your house, walk to the seat and try to fit your fanny in the seat. If it fits - sit there for 3.5 hours while listening to "Rocky Top" 75 times in a row. That'll get ya ready."



Ian said...

This "Old School" mythologizing needs to stop posthaste. Can you believe I read a Men's Health survey that picked it as the funniest movie of all time, even over "Caddyshack"? The last half of "Old School" was a freakin' love interest story. In "Caddyshack," Lacey Underall just went out and did everybody.

But if I'm going with a frat, it's gotta be the Alpha Betas in "Revenge Of The Nerds." Fuck the come-uppance. They ran shit.

Newspaper Hack said...

I hate hate hate hate hate hate UT. "Rocky Top" is a redneck fucking joke of a bullshit song. Arg.

paulwesterdawg said...

i don't know man, the 3 movies I've probably laughed the hardest in over the past 10-15 years were Old School, Something about Mary and 40 Year old Virgin.

Old School isn't the funniest movie of all time, but the scenes were they are picking up the pledges and putting them through hell week is some of the funniest sequences of all time.

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