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November 6, 2005

Final installment of the Drinking with Coaches series

Joey from Straight Bangin adds this one to the list. He breaks his choices down based on night of the week.

BTW -- Joey is one of the best college football bloggers around. In an effort to keep people who are tragically square on items related to hip hop (me), who loathe the NBA (me), and non-raging libs (me) focused on college football, he has spun a new site off from Straight Bangin called Schembechler Hall.

If you're a Michigan fan, Big 10 fan or if you hate Lloyd Carr, this is a good site for you to bookmark.


Joey said...

Thanks, Dun. I added GSB to the blogroll on Schembechler Hall. I had intended to get all blogpoll voters up there this weekend, but life intervened. Big weekend in the SEC coming up...

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