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February 6, 2006

Tulane Recruiting: Interesting Story from ESPN

Tulane recruiting is the subject of this interesting profile.

Their class was only ranked #74 by, but all things considered that's one helluva a haul for a team that was recruiting without a campus, stadium or working university for most of the season because of Katrina.

Good read.

Tad Gormley Stadium post Katrina. The place where Tulane plays when they aren't in the SuperDome.

Hat tip to Orson for the pic.



all school said...

just fyi, the one "early commitment" who backed out was none other than Quincy Patrick, an OL from Pacelli HS in Columbus, who ended up signing with Oklahoma St. Quincy was quoted as being concerned that the football program over there was going to fold due to financial pressures.

I have no idea if that is a possibility, or if he would have qualified over there. Pacelli has sent 4 kids to D1 in the last three years, and only one of them, Kalvin Baker at UF, qualified. I think Matt Dunham is a partial qualifier at FSU, but his status remains a mystery to me.

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