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March 20, 2006

Dipshit Disease is Spreading

I am on record as having said that I have been arrested for driving with a suspended license. As an expert on the topic, I can tell you that it takes a real dipshit to get pinched for something so dumb.

I should host A-A type meetings for the UGA Athletics Department.
Hello, My Name is Paul Westerdawg. I was arrested for driving with a suspended license which makes me a dipshit. I am here to sponsor new dipshits on the road to recovery.
Danielle Taylor, UGA women's hoops player was arrested last Tuesday for driving with a suspended license. This makes about 392 of the 400 athletes currently under scholarship in Athens arrested for driving with a suspended license. Or so it seems. I don't want to call a Lady Bulldog a name like dipshit. It just isn't gentlemanly.

So I will simply say "Bless Her Heart."

No word yet on whether or not she was driving Mudcat Elmore's car.

Just be glad she wasn't with Kara Braxton. Kara would've wanted them to run for it. Next thing you know we've got some sort of Thelma and Louise thing going with Andy Landers playing the Harvey Keitel role of Hal Slocumb to Odell Thurman's Jimmy Lenox. And once Odell enters the mix, it's like gas on an open flame.

It could've been worse



Kyle King said...

Are you kidding me?

No, really, are you kidding me?

It would be one thing if we were, say, Florida State or the Sooners and Hurricanes of yore. With major felonies allegedly being committed left and right, who would have time to deal with traffic-related issues?

This is all we do, though. Since Mark Richt kicked Jasper Sanks off the team before the 2001 Georgia Tech game, Georgia athletes have only gotten into trouble over stupid boys-will-be-boys stuff . . . and this nonsense.

Seriously, why don't we have an athletic association official whose job it is to monitor the student-athletes' parking tickets, traffic citations, and driver's license status?

This foolishness makes me nuts.

steve said...

I'm sure that you aren't hearing about the ridiculous parking tickets being issued by UGA Parking Services to athletes. UGA Parking Services can be very corrupt. For the parking decks on campus you would need a parking tag that would let you in through the gates. One would figure that the tags were a good enough assurance that the proper cars are in the parking deck. However, UGA Parking Services goes through the Parking Decks checking for people who forget to put up their tags even though they are in their proper lot. For a "Failure to Display" it is a $30 fine. The Parking Services enforcers can claim, if they wanted to, that you didn't have your tag up and issue a Failure to Display. Thus, creating a situation of "He said, She said." Who is Parking Services going to believe when the appeal comes in? Someone who works for them or some random student who is the victim? Of course, the student loses in this case or they would just pay the ticket and move on, thus making themselves a steady mark for extra cash to be made by UGA Parking Services. Sorry to put up this diatribe, but all of these parking and driving topics being discussed triggered this rant.

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