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March 30, 2006

Rabbit Poop, Tailgating and What Not

BurntOrangeNation has made us aware of the rabbit poop problem in Lubbock. I wonder what the Go Raiders! Guy would say about this? Probably something like...."The Big 12's Jackrabbits tried to screw us, but we won anyway."

The Realist turns in a commentary on the tailgating situation. He makes a series of good points almost all of which I agree with.

From The MZone's Fark Gurus

The MZone (profanity abundant) documents Michigan's run to glory(sic) as they go for their second NIT title in the past three years. Brian weighs in on the topic as well. Too bad for Michigan that Crash Davis is standing in their way.

The MZone crew also looks at killer calls from refs. Mayor Kyle locks into this thread with comments about Al Ford vs. Jasper Sanks.

Oh, and Keith Brooking comes out of the closet. Mora said, "Keith Brooking's come to me a couple times and said, 'Can you put a big [butt] in front of me?'" (hat tip to cookdawg from

And from Bulldawg Land, the Athens Paper has an article about the early enrollee freshman class including Stafford and Asher Allen. While the Macon Telegraph has a good football round-up article. While Richt talks QBs with the AJC.



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