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April 25, 2006

More on Scheduling

Yesterday, I posted my Top 5 wish list for non-conference games. And just to clarify, I wasn't proposing that we play them all at once. I would just like to see us mix in a whopper every now and again.

If we can play Colorado (Big 12 North Champs three times in the past 5 years if memory serves), then we can play TAMU or Penn State. But I digress. Anyway.... has an article up on Scheduling. The articles makes the standard dig at the SEC for refusing to leave the warmth and comfort of the South. However, the article makes no mention of the Big 10's unwillingness to guarantee sweet tea for the visiting teams in its contracts.

Refreshing. Sweet. Delicious.

Anyway, Brian at MGoBlog has the first of what appears to be a series of articles on scheduling. In it he makes the very lucid point that "Intersectional is meaningless. Interconference is the issue." I made similar points a few weeks back on House That Rock Built when I talked about UGA's scheduling history. Most of my points (after the excuses) were related to the lunacy of the regionalism issue.

It isn't like Notre Dame would sell fewer tickets to Georgia fans than Clemson would. So what's the difference where the game was played? Especially given Clemson's record from around '75-87 was as good or better than Notre Dame's in terms of overall wins and national titles.

BTW -- this topic has stirred up quite a bit of debate on and ThePorch (subscriber site).



Darth Scooter said...

I don't really understand why the SEC always takes so much crap for OOC scheduling. I mean if you take ND out of the equation the tough OOC schedule for all those Big 10 schools takes a hit. Its hardly fair to talk about the SEC scheduling patsy's when any Big Ten team generaly has at least two directional schools on the schedule. For some reason Miami(OH) and Bowling Green seem to count for more cool points than UAB and Memphis. And while I'm not privy to what goes on behind the closed doors of the AD's office during scheduling time. I really doubt if Auburn, Florida, or Georgia are turning down home and home offers from tOSU, Texas, or Michigan.

Anonymous said...

just remember, yes colorado has one there division. but texas and okl. are the other side. colorado is no power house by any means. i mean they lost to tex. last year in the big twelve cham. 70-3!!!!

paulwesterdawg said...

And in 2001 they beat Nebraska by 60 and Texas by several TDs.

Even in a down year they won the Big 12 north.

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