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May 17, 2006

Felton Continues to Ramp Up Schedule

Boom. We've got dates, times and more rumors! The Athens Paper brings us the news of:

Gonzaga - Philips Arena (Dec. 16 or 17)
Wisconsin - Athens (Dec. 31)
Clemson - Away (TBD)
Georgia Tech - Away (TBD)
WKU - Home (TBD)

And...the ABH reports that we're close to a game with Wake Forest. Although various reports show that earlier rumors with Arizona were false.

And as DrewDog mentioned on, if the SEC and Big East team up for a shootout, we could have another major conference team on the books.

One way or the other, we're going to know what this team is made of by Jan. 1 of next year. One thing is for sure. Felton is confident in this team, and that's a good thing.



ruteger said...

Man, that's an exciting schedule. Maybe we can hope for a repeat of Harrick's 2nd year where we had the toughest schedule in the nation and slipped into the Tourney on our high RPI. Maybe the SEC'll get a little more strength of schedule respect after this year's Touney showing.

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