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June 6, 2006

Dawgs Win! Super Regional Bound

Dawgs top Noles. Photo modified from the Athens Banner Herald

Well they're some sad things known to man
But ain't too much sadder than
The tears of a clown

For all the easy and obvious jokes about FSU as a clown college, give credit where credit is due. The Georgia Bulldogs beat a quality team. A team that should've been hosting its own regional just as UGA did. But that wasn't the hand dealt to the Noles as Georgia advances and FSU goes home.

Consider the two coaches on this night. Mike Martin the savvy veteran. He has coached at FSU for 27 years, and he has guided the Noles to 17 College World Series births. UGA only has 8 visits to the entire tourney. To make a UGA analogy, Martin's inability to win the national title in the face of so much overall success is very similar to Georgia's Andy Landers.

On the hand, Perno is one of the hot up and coming coaches in America. Did you realize that UGA only has 8 NCAA tourney births, and that David Perno has been involved as a player, assistant or head coach in at least half of them?

1990 - National Title (player)
2001 - CWS (assistant coach)
2004 - CWS (head coach)
2006 - Super Regional (head coach)

Anyway, congrats to the Bulldogs. Perno coached a great series. Other than shoddy play at Shortstop and Third Base by FSU, it was an extremely well played regional by both teams.

Up Next...the South Carolina Shamecocks. A team that UGA has already defeated four times this year.

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