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June 6, 2006

SOLD OUT! Advance Super Regional Tickets Gone


2006 NCAA Super Regional Stadium Seats Sold Out!
Standing Room Only Tickets Available!

All Foley Field stadium seating is sold out.

Between 800-1,000 Standing Room only tickets will be sold from the Foley Field Ticket Windows two hours before the first pitch time for each game scheduled during this weekend's NCAA Baseball Super Regional between Georgia and South Carolina.

The Standing Room Only tickets will be $6 each and will be good for admission into the areas behind the Right Field fence (Kudzu Hill) and along the Left Field line. Both areas will have full-service concession stands and restrooms available.


Anonymous said...

How many tickets do you think are going to South Carolina fans? I saw reserved seats were gone by 9 this morning...they work fast.

paulwesterdawg said...

I really don't know.


paulwesterdawg said...

Oh...btw -- according to the South Carolina web site all tickets were available for sale via So at most they might have been given 300-400 seats for friends and family.

I remember when GT hosted the Super Regional vs. UGA. We were only given 300 tickets. Friends and family got all of them. We had to go through Tech to get them.

Which we did.


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