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June 13, 2006

ESPN Unsatisfied with UGA Win in Super Regional

I was listening to ESPN radio on the drive home from Athens last night when I heard a great line from the studio host. He basically said:
"I and most of the staff here at ESPN are sad to report that Georgia has beaten South Carolina in the College Baseball Super Regional."
Why the disappointment?

This once again stops any possibility for the greatest headline writing fun in the history of sport as the Oregon State Beavers will not get a chance to play the South Carolina Gamecocks.

I would've pulled for the SEC in that one in hopes for a "Cocks Pound Beavers" headline. Oh well, there's always next year.



Dawgnoxious said...

South Carolina is legendary for their inferiority complex, so I think you can make certain assumptions about them. I think the more reaslistic headline would be: Beavers Overwhelm Cocks.

LotharioDawg said...

The headlines would be priceless. I personally like "Cocks go deep on Beavers, early and often."

SlobberKnocker said...

The headlines are easy if the Cocks win. Victorious Beavers present more challenge.

- Beavers Blow Away Cocks
- Cocks' Start Drained by Beavers
- Beavers Smother Cocks


Anonymous said...

Cocks Start Fast, but Finish with a Whimper

Kanu said...

Strong, Muscular Beavers Outlast Disappointing, Tiring Cocks.

Doug said...

Oh, well -- on the first weekend of college football this year, there are no fewer than three SEC-Pac-10 matchups; maybe we can hope the two teams will one day meet on the gridiron. Then we can look forward to hearing about how the Beavers were wide open all day long, and yet the Cocks STILL couldn't get any penetration into their backfield.

Anonymous said...

Cocks come strong & fast - leave Beavers high and dry

Anonymous said...

haha. gross.

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