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June 26, 2006

Gator Hoops 'Kingpin'

The Georgia Sports Blog staff was wondering just the other day what ever happened to Gator hoops person of integrity lightning rod Teddy Dupay? Ok, so maybe that's a lie. He had mercifully not crossed our minds in years. But if you'd asked us, we would have guessed Teddy had probably landed a job mopping peep show booths in Panama City or as gaffer on a public access poker show.

[Photo: One of these men is a cheater. The other is Teddy Dupay.]

We were waaaay off. Teddy, 26, is more or less gainfully employed as a telemarketer for the Whitney Education Group in Salt Lake City. The telemarketing part, not so shocking. The Salt Lake City part, shocking. Never been to the fair city, but we'd have to imagine the gambling scene is bleak.

Hmmm...there's a dynamite movie screenplay here somewhere. We envision kind of a rags-to-riches story of a former sports star with a shady past who finds himself in an obscure Puritanical locale where he meet a prodigy he can mentor. Can you smell the Hollywood gold! Stop me if this sounds familiar...

You don't want to know how Teddy pays his rent.

Schadenfreude KingpinBureau Chief

Hat Tip: Deadspin


Glenn said...

best quote from the article on Dupay as a telemarketer???

in reference to LPGA 'star' Terry-Jo Myers:
"Through all her years on the LPGA Tour, she tried staying grounded."

you don't say.... i bet she succeeded pretty well.

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