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July 11, 2006

And I thought Superman Returns was a steaming pile of poo turns out that the Man of Steel isn't the only thing faster than a speeding bullet. Clemson is up to their old tricks again posting comedic 40 yard dash times. This time, it's Jacoby Ford and his ludacris speed 4.126 timed 40 yard dash.

Jacoby Ford is no George Reeves

To give you an idea of how ridiculous that is...let's reflect back on Ben Johnson's steroid aided record 100 meter dash in which computers timed his first 40 yards at 4.38. The fastest man ever couldn't keep up with Mister Jacoby Ford. I know that's not a new article, but it shows just how ridiculous this 40 time for Ford really is.

(Note: I didn't actually type the word "Mister" in that last sentence. There was just a rustling of the wind, a few clicks of the keyboard and I heard the door slam downstairs. My guess is Ford snuck into the house and typed himself while I wasn't looking. He's just that fast.)




Darth Scooter said...

Damn word verification. I keep trying to type a comment about how that is obviously a fake time, but before I can hit the publish button there is a burst of wind and my post is deleted.

Michael said...

I think that NFL combine times have been as low as 4.20. Leonard Scott ran a 4.26, for instance. I think that Deion ran a 4.19. Those are electronically timed, so I don't have much reason to doubt them. The only distinguishing factor with Ben Johnson's roid-aided 100M is that he couldn't go all out for the first 40 yards.

paulwesterdawg said...

Deion's 40 time of 4.19 is a myth.

No one has ever seen a link to such an animal.

And Leonard Scott ran a 4.26 hand timed 40 in Knoxville. I don't even think he got invited to the combine. I think you add .15 to a hand timed 40 to get a real number.


Anonymous said...

Hit this link to find that Bo Jackson ran a 4.12 at the NFL Combines.

Anonymous said...

Apparently I have to break the link into two pieces, cut and paste to see actual newspaper article.

Anonymous said...

jacoby the 3rd fastest in college football and usain bolts the fastest dude now, jacoby run the 40 in the 4.2s or 4.3s

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