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July 10, 2006

More Matt Stafford Videos

5 minutes of video from YouTube on incoming QB Matt Stafford. Much of it looks similar to videos that I uploaded several months ago. Regardless, this format is easier to digest than the link I provided originally.

hat tip - RenegadeDawg on



Anonymous said...

Could we maybe recruit some of his receivers?

Darth Scooter said...

I was going to ask the same thing. Did he by any chance bring any of those receivers with him? Some of those were great catches and the moves after the catch were even better.

paulwesterdawg said...

they all look like Michael Greer.

A team full of Michael Greer's ain't winning the SEC.

I don't think any of those guys is being recruited.


Anonymous said...

His accuracy is absurd! If our receivers can catch it should be an exciting and productive football season.

Anonymous said...

BTW, did any body else notice the gut on Stafford these days(see Scout Dawgpost photo session of 4 QBs)? He better do some serious push-aways if he's gonna be able to move anything like that this fall.

paulwesterdawg said...

we don't need him to run around like that. We just need him to throw around like that.

Besides, with all the hits he's going to take behind this OL, he's going to need some cushion.

That said. He could probably stand to drop 15 lbs.


DAve said...

Kid's got a great arm, but I think the most impressive part of the clip was the play where he saw the blitz from the right side and calmly hit the receiver on the slant.

Them's some good quarterbackin'.

Cool Hand Mike said...

Damn, looks like a tight end with a great arm. Big kid. Looks like he could give David Greene a run for victories. But is he a starter from the get go?

stick jackson said...

I find it mildly interesting that he has stayed chunky despite six months of mat drills, spring ball and now working out daily in the hot hot Georgia sun. He must have some pretty strong tendencies in that direction.

69 Dawg said...

Coach has said he is a big boy. QB's come in all sizes this guys got the arm and the touch. He also knows when to pull the trigger.

Dawg 05 said...

Poor guy, he hasn't even played a down of college football and we're all on here talking about him like 16 year old girls talk about their friend who gained 10 pounds over summer break. "Like, OMG! Did you see how FAT Christie is?" Besides, his gut makes me somehow feel better about my own.

paulwesterdawg said...

Just because you can hide an apple in his navel doesn't mean he is fat.


Anonymous said...

This kid went to my highschool - He's quite a few years back of me, but I went to enough games to tell you you've got something special. And as for the "gut," if he's that good with it, just imagine when he settles into the position and becomes a finely tooled Richt machine. Hopefully David Green doesn't covet those records too much...

Anonymous said...

If he stays healthy Richt will have a #1 pick in the NFL draft in a few years. If we get some good play early out of our young OL we'll be just fine. We've got enough RB's to give this kid a little OJT.


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