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July 10, 2006

Spurrier: "I'm going to coach until I'm 125 years old"

Steve Spurrier turned 61 in April. Now, he's telling anyone that will listen that he wants to coach for 10 more years. (Source: Orlando Sentinel)

I don't buy it as it just sounds like recruiting speak to me. Spurrier is already expressing frustration over his struggles in recruiting given the lack of quality facilities at South Carolina.

Instead of telling fans "Why Not Us?" as he did when he first arrived, he's not telling them, "Why Not Us? Well, because our facilities stink and so do our players."

[Photo: Mr. Golf is going to coach into his 70s? Riiiiight. Image:]

Mike Bianchi's article in the Orlando Sentinel is a good read. It talks about the struggle that both Spurrier and Gator fans will have if Spurrier sticks around for 10 more season.

What's the big fuss? I think Carolina's player dorms are fine.


hat tip - ucfdawg on dawgrun


Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

Cue pissed-off, barely literate Gamecock fans bum-rushing this comments thread in three, two . . . you really can't get enough of harassing them can you? (Not that I'm judging.)

Anonymous said...

I hear the GITMO location was actually the second choice behind South Carolina's Athletic Facilities.

Unfortunately, they had that human rights thing to worry about...

Anonymous said...

You know how you can tell that is an SC dorm and not a gator hole?
Mullet aside, the dude is wearing long pants, hence SC, and not the gator brand jean cutoffs.

Wes Wolfe said...

Actually, football players live in the nicest and newest dorms on campus (South Quad and East Quad). And they're not even dorms, really, just amazing apartments run by the university with free broadband Internet.

The Roost, though, where the players used to live, is a shithole.

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