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July 6, 2006

Video: Corso explains new NCAA 2007 Features

Lee Corso walks you through NCAA 2007's improvements to special teams, trick plays and the very cool addition of 1st person camera angles for special teams.

Additionally, you can listen to Brad Nessler talk about the role of momentum in the game at his EASports Podcast.

The game is scheduled for release on July 18th. Less than two weeks!



Newspaper Hack said...

It was supposed to come out on the fifth. Let the speculation begin about the two-week push back.

ctrosecrans said...

i think it's to accurately inflate the numbers on the awesomeness of matthew stafford. or something like that.

Anonymous said...

It's had a release date of July 18th for months.

No speculation needed.

paulwesterdawg said...

I had never heard a July 5 date. The only other date I had heard was July 12. But in reality, the game always ships mid-month in July.

So no biggie.

BTW -- I saw on an EAsports message board that some douche said that I "stole the video from IGN."

I didn't know it was an IGN video b/c the YouTube logo masked that. I just snagged if from YouTube b/c that's basically the public domain.

IGN is a great site for video game info, and I'd encourage anyone who doesn't visit there for preview info to do so.

I've got no beef with them. And if they had a beef with me, they'd let me know. And they didn't.

Everyone else who's pissed at me tells me. lol.


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