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August 3, 2006

More Tech Cheating? And other football headlines

LSU has reported secondary NCAA violations involving its summer yoga program for football players.
"Non-LSU personnel are allowed to instruct athletes during the fall and spring semesters, but not during the summer, according to NCAA rules. Training consultant Don Yesso said he has conducted the class with every other LSU athletic team the past three years."
Interestingly, Georgia Tech used alledged strip club owner turner pro-wrestler turned yoga consultant Diamond Dallas Page to do the exact same thing for at GT. I'd wager that new GT athletic director Dan Radakovich brought this idea with him from LSU. Given that Tech went 40 years without a visit to NCAA compliance class, they probably "didn't know" this was a rule violation. Ignorance is bliss...until the NCAA calls. When will they ever learn?

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CollegeFootballResource tips us off to an article by Paul Finebaum about the legendary 1970 Alabama vs. USC game that unlocked the door to desegregation in southern football. Good read.

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Speaking of race issues (on a lighter note), Orson tips us off to the plight of the white wide receiver as well as a new blog the Caucasian Wide Receivers Association of America.

Kris Durham, we feel your pain. Click to enlarge.

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A few days ago, the Shreveport Times ranks the SEC's coaches. I respect Spurrier, but folks let's get serious here for a minute. Ranking him #2 over Richt at this point? For all the hype, Spurrier only won 1 more game than Holtz did the year before. And Holtz played 1 fewer game. Sure, Spurrier has had a better career to date, but so has Bobby Bowden. And I wouldn't take Bowden over Richt right now either.

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Stewart Mandel recently talked about the Big East's crumbling Bowl situation.



Dante said...

"Ranking him #2 over Richt at this point?"

I have a much bigger problem with Tubberville being ranked at #1. Sure he's had a good program over the past couple of years but nobody seems to remember that all that started after Auburn stripped him of some of his duties and forced him to hire a bona fide offensive coordinator. Doing well only after other people have to come in and clean up your messes just isn't the hallmark of a good head coach to me.

paulwesterdawg said...

well yeah. that too.

1 ten win season in 10 years vs. 4 in 5 years.

btw -- i'm shocked at no comments on the Kris Durham pic. Not sure why, but it cracks me up. Must be how skinny he is. Or maybe it's that the pic shows 2 HS kids playing in Sanford Stadium. regardless, something about it is funny.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't have much to do with anything...But who would you take in a foot race in pads: Remarcus Brown or Asher Allen?

paulwesterdawg said...


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