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September 20, 2006

Colorado Fight Songs

The Colorado Golden Buffalo Marching Band

I traded emails with the CU Band, and they aren't coming out for the game. When the roles are swapped in 2010, I'm not sure if UGA will send a a small Pep Band to Boulder or not. Our longest regular season road trip since 1965 was roughly 700-800 miles to Arkansas. We did send a small pep band to Fayetteville, but that's still only half the distance to Boulder. Who knows.

Regardless, ToonDawg reminded me that their band plays "Glory." Therefore, their fans will probably light up when our band plays it pre-game.

More Colorado Fight Songs:PWD


Anonymous said...

Am I the only one that finds it odd that Colorado would play the Battle Hymn of the Republic?
No band plays Glory like the Redcoats!!! Its embarrasing to see & hear them try.

Rickdog said...

Does anyone know if they sing a "to hell with..." line like we do?

Joe said...

Yeah Paul, can you get the story on that? Seems strange to me too.

Matt said...

No way is their version of Glory like the Redcoats! Theirs is boring and flat with no emotion, while ours is excting and gets you pumped up. I have to agree with anonymous. Nobody (Awe-Burn included) plays Glory like the Redcoats!
Compare them for yourself:

Great Blog by the way. I read it everyday! Go Dawgs!

stick jackson said...

Why is it odd that Colorado plays the Battle Hymn of the Republic? Isn't it vastly more odd that GEORGIA uses the tune?

paulwesterdawg said...

This is why we sing/play Glory, Glory.

Anonymous said...

I grew up a Dog fan but went to CU. We/they don't sing "to hell with" anyone. Actually don't even play Glory that much. PLay the "Fight Colorado" most of the time. You'll here the section yelling "FIGHT, FIGHT, fight, fight, FIGHT" during that one.

Anonymous said...

Stick, UGA, Auburn, and Miss. St. all play versions of "Glory, Glory" or "Battle Hymn of the Republic." If I'm not mistaken, Ole Miss does as well. It's very much a southern song just as it is anything else.

Dawgnoxious said...

I'm not Civil War historian (paging Mayor Kyle), but as I recall Southern schools' playing of 'Glory' stirred up old Civil War emotions.

Setting the lyrics of the abolitionist song'John Brown's Body' to 'Brother will you meet us on Canaan's Happy Shore' was a slap because the tune was written by a South Carolian. Julia Ward Howe used the tune with Battle Hymn, and each were Union marching tunes.

Choosing Glory was an attempt by Southern schools to take back the tune and sever its association with the North/Union.

And no school can document use of Glory prior to Georgia. So, they're all thiefs and copycats.

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