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September 5, 2006

Oct. 7th Looms as Monsterous SEC TV Week

Current AP Rankings:
UT (11th) at UGA (12th)
LSU (9) at UF (7)
Arkansas (un) at Auburn (4)

That weekend CBS has a double header at 12:00 and 3:30 while ESPN will likely use their wildcard to pick up one of the best two games for its 7:45 telecast. We could have 5 SEC teams in the Top 10 that weekend with four of them playing each other. Even lowly Arkansas might be ranked by then given the weakness of their schedule.

Assuming ESPN uses their wildcard that weekend, the Gameday crew will likely be in Baton Rouge or Athens for their Primetime Telecast. For UGA to host College Gameday and the night game would require beating South Carolina and Colorado while UT beats UF. It would also help if Auburn beats LSU.

That would put UGA and UT at roughly 8th and 9th in the two polls. The more likely scenario is a UGA game at 3:30. That would only require LSU beating Auburn and UF beating UT. That would put both teams at roughly 5th and 6th in the polls. Even more likely it'll be a mixed bag with no match-up putting unbeatens against each other.

In other words, who knows. Confused yet?

I doubt we'll know about the UT vs. UGA kickoff time until 6 days before kickoff.

Regardless, a great weekend to have a generator, dish, TV and booze at your tailgate. Especially since the Red River Shootout will also be that day.


6 comments: said...

Let's hope it's not a College Gameday broadcast. I was at the game last time ESPN broadcast College Gameday at the UT vs UGA game in Athens. If I remember correctly (too lazy to look it up) both teams were ranked in the top 10, with UGA (ranked 4th or 5th) ahead of UT - and we lost. I was also at the UGA vs FL game in Jacksonville last year along with the College Gameday crew, and we lost that one too. I don't think I can handle seeing Corso with a Fulmerskin hat, or whatever the heck he would don for his pick this year.

Anonymous said...

"Corso with a Fulmerskin hat". Thanks for that image seared in my brain. Now I'll never get to sleep tonight.

JDav said...

Corso trying to shove a pumpkin on his head would be amusing

I'd love a night game or at least a 330...all of these noon and one oclock games really hamper my ability to enjoy the north campus carnival...i mean family friendly zone.

BCS Wyatt said...

Great website. I am running; you have set the bar real high.
How about Sept. 16th for the best regular season weekend?
Auburn v. LSU
Michigan v. ND
Nebraska v. USC
Oklahoma v. Oregon
Fla. v Tenn
Miami v. Louisville
Fla State v. Clemson
Miami should be the only one with a loss.

Check out my site. I have a photo gallery of my favorite safety Tra Battle.

82 said...

The Auburn/Ark wont be the noon game because that would mean they would have to play 11am local time. That leaves them with the 3:30 or 7:45 game. They wont be the first choice at the 3:30 game so that leaves them with only the 7:45. This leaves the the 3:30 and noon times to fill. Well, if it happened right now the UF/LSU game would be between higher ranked teams thus making it more of a draw. Even if UT does beat UF their still could be a higher ranked team in that game, IMO I think Ga gets the noon game. I guess we will just have to wait and see who wins the UF/UT game but if I were CBS I would take the LSU/UF game no matter. Its a bigger draw. The 2001 UT/GA game was at noon.

We discussed this back in August on The Huddle.

Anonymous said...

Unless there's a new rule this year, the Auburn/Arkansas game can be televised at 11:00 local time. The Bama/Ole Miss game last year was televised at the same time. Makes for a very early day if you're three hours from Oxford.

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