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September 5, 2006

Stop the Presses! Notre Dame Wins and Falls in Polls

We live in a world without gravity, taxes or death. The unthinkable has happened. Notre Dame has won a football game and fallen in BOTH polls.

An angry mob looks on as Pope Benedict explains the fall.

The AP and Coaches' Polls are out. ND fell from 2nd to 4th (tie) in the AP Poll, and they fell from 3rd to 5th (tie) in the Coaches' Poll. Don't worry, the Harris Poll will fix it.

Much to ABC's delight, Ohio State and Texas are now #1 and #2 in both polls, thus setting up one of the best regular season match-ups in years.

UGA jumped from three spots in both polls, and we are now ranked #11 and #12 in the two polls. Things that jump out at me in both polls.

AP Poll:
  • Michigan looks pretty high at #10.
  • Tennessee jumped from #23 to #11. That looks about right after that first performance. However, as others have said, I'm not sure how much credit Cutcliff should get for Cal's complete inability to tackle.
  • FSU at #9? Be serious. There are a half a dozen teams ranked below them that would beat them straight up tomorrow.
Coaches' Poll
  • Oklahoma - Still can't believe they are ranked #10. Peterson is a beast, but 10th in America?
  • Penn State at #19 in both polls seems a bit low to me. I like their chances straight up vs. ND this week.
I'll post my blog poll ballot tonight or tomorrow.



Galen said...

I must give you guys credit, you and only PSU fans are giving PSU a chance against Notre Dame this week. Kudos!

Polecat said...

Just when I am beginning to think this is a decent blog, you post this idiocy.

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