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October 2, 2006

Checking in with the Enemy: Georgia Tech

Who woulda thunk it? Image:

The Yellow Jackets are 4-1/2-0, and they control their fortune in the ACC Coastal division. Nix/Gailey *finally* wised up and realized that they have one of the most dominating players in college football on their team in Calvin Johnson. Against VT, Reggie Ball completed 9 passes and six of them went to Calvin.

GT fans should be giddy; although not all are. Everyone else in their division already has a loss, and GT holds the tie breaker with VT now. They have games remaining against:
  • Maryland (home) - Gailey has faired very well vs. Fridge in ATL. Plus, Maryland is very slow, and they struggled to beat FIU 14-10 this week.
  • Clemson (Road) - Your typical GT vs. CU game with a 7 point or less finish
  • Miami (home) - a team in turmoil that can't throw well enough to take advantage of GT's mediocre secondary.
  • NCSU (road) - they rarely lose at State.
  • UNC (road) - Bunting is all but gone. UNC may only have 1 Div I-A win by this time.
  • Duke (home) - Duke lost to a horrible UVA team 37-0.
  • Georgia (road) - Another team that needs to work on its passing game to take advantage of GT's secondary.
Even though Gailey/Ball/Nix are usually good for at least one catastrophically stupid loss to a research triangle team, they STILL have the heavy inside track on the ACC's Coastal Division. As long as Calvin stays healthy, they should have the best GT record since since at least '00 if not '98 in an ACC that is horribly watered down and weak this year. That said, they do need to figure out a pass defense that is ranked 11th in the ACC.

VT still has games remaining against Clemson (home) and Miami (road) further strengthening GT's chances at a trip to Jacksonville for the ACC title game. A Tech vs. Clemson rematch in Jacksonville looms...especially since CU doesn't play Miami this year while BC still has Miami, VT and FSU.

More on GT:
-- Nathan at AOL's GT site, is up in arms with GT being listed behind VT in the Coaches' Poll. Fair enough.

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gojackets said...

Good post, but let me just say this about the pass defense statistic. In 3 out of 4 games, Georgia Tech has gotten up early and teams had to pass, sometimes on our second string. Look at the statistics on opposing offense passing efficiency, completion percentage and yards per play and GT I beleive is ranked second in the ACC on each statistic.

We don't judge quarterbacks by their total passing yards, but by the statistics I mentioned above. Pass defenses should be judged the same way.

51-7 said...

I did NOT see that one coming on Saturday. You win in Blacksburg- and convincingly- and you are making a statement. Still have Reggie Ball as the QB so there will likely be a meltdown somewhere.

Dante said...

I still maintain that as good as Georgia Tech is playing, their defense is a one trick pony. It's a zone blitz people. If you have to, pay some retired NFL offensive coordinator to come in and teach you how to overcome it. I think the further the season goes on, the more people will pick up on GT's defense and the more GT will struggle defensively. It's a good thing GT has at some point taught their players how to tackle. I remember when UGA could tackle. I miss those days. This is one game I'm glad we're playing at the end of the season.

all school said...

Props to GTU on the stunning win, giving them a shot at winning the Lady Bing Division of the ACC (or whatever they're calling it. Atlantic? Coastal? Isn't that kind of oxymoronic, or just plain moronic? Arent they all in states along the Atlantic? Doesnt that make them all Coastal? I guess if they ever decide to copy MLB and put 3 divisions in play, they can call the 3rd Division the Conferencial Division. Why not have a little fun with it and copy the "World's Most Popular Sport" and simply call them Group A and Group B? Or the Hatfields and the McCoys? But, I digress)

Seems to this observer, however, that this is at least as much a comment on how much the Super Duper, New and Improved, Expanded ACC has come back to the pack, rather than a sign of GTU's imminent Return To Glory.

Should they win their division in the woefully underperfoming ACC, it will be akin to winning the award for being the dog with the freshest breath. Sure, you'd rather have the trophy than nothing, but it's not exactly an indication of your fearsome superiority, either.

FSU is mediocre. Miami is mediocre. Virginia Tech is mediocre. The rest of the league is much, much worse. Yes, I know, REGGIE! hasnt self destructed....yet. GTU people have an innate faith in the power of midgets, especially midget QBs, but anyone who doesnt think REGGIE! is a meltdown looking for a place to happen hasnt been paying attention the last 3 years.

Enjoy is while it lasts, nerds. I will grant you this: anyone who says Calvin Johnson isnt just as good as you pencil necks claim is just fooling himself. That dude is The Truth.

SSB Charley said...

all school, I know your real contempt is held for Awbarn, but your comments on the Blight are unmatched poetry.

Should they win their division in the woefully underperfoming ACC, it will be akin to winning the award for being the dog with the freshest breath.

Nothing spells out the Blight's mediocrity like a post from 81Dog.

BTW, an award for the freshest breath is about all my border collie could win. My other dog...not so much.

Anonymous said...

You mentioned this might be their best record since '00 or '98? But didn't that have to forfiet all or some of their games from those seasons?

paulwesterdawg said...

NCAA gave them the wins back.

They just didn't give back the lost scholarships.

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