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October 3, 2006

Where My Ninjas At?

Mike Leach reminds me of the Old Ball Coach, except snarkier and without all the hardware. And Coach Fran is his bitch. If Mike Leach told Coach Fran to wear a sundress and answer to the name "Doris", Coach Fran would have little choice. How bad was it? Leach pours rhetorical salt in the sucking chest wound that is Coach Fran's A&M tenure (record: 20-20).

Leach is in Coach Fran's head, and he even goes so far as to taunt A&M's vaunted corp of cadets in attendance at each Aggie game.
"How come they get to pretend they are soldiers? The thing is, they aren't in the military. I ought to have Mike's Pirate School. The freshmen, all they get is the bandana. When you're a senior, you get the sword and skull and crossbones. For homework, we'll work pirate maneuvers and stuff like that."
[Photo courtesy of Mike Leach's Mom]

According to ESPN, there were a few folks in pirate regalia at Kyle Field Saturday.

Arrrrr, matey, methinks ye might have gone too far! So, for the benefit of Texas Tech's Oct 7 opponent Missouri, the Georgia Sports Blog staff has broken down game film and would like to offer a can't miss blueprint for neutralizing Mike Leach's swashbuckling offense.

Georgia Sports Blog's faithful readers know pirate kryptonite by any other name --the ninja. Ironically, ninjas have a nemesis--no, not pirates--agents from Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms. There's a certain analytical symmetry: ninja beats pirate, ATF agent beats ninja, pirate beats ATF agent. In fact, a little game we like to play this season is a variation on rock, paper, scissors called Ninja, Pirate, ATF.

[Photo: Things we know about Ninjas: (1) they are prone to flip out and kill people, (2) they'll kick a pirate's ass, (3) they are not invinceable]

Clearly, the answer to neutralizing Mike's Pirate threat is to counterattack with Ninjas. To wit, we give a preview of the fully-illustrated "How to beat Texas Tech", soon to be available exclusively from Georgia Sports Blog for a low low price.

Photo: the dreaded "Ninja Blitz" defense



Anonymous said...

Greatest blog ever.

Mr. Egger said...

Pirates are so last year. This year my man is talking about Vikings. Pillage and plunder my friends, pillage and plunder.

I love Mike Leach.

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