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October 11, 2006

I just puked in my mouth a little

SI's latest cover.




DuluthDawg said...

Hey, I'm in that picture...see the dude in the red shirt in the background? That's me.

Tennvolchamp said...

Tone from Vol Land is that while elated with the press coverage, we're glad we don't have a game this week and thus suffer the SI cover jinx (i.e., lose the next game).

But for the lack of a pass rush, that pic could've been of Mikey or Brown running wildly up field after catching a kick for yet another UGA special teams touchdown.

Jordan said...

While it sucks to be on the losing end of the game picture, it is nice to see the SEC garner some national exposure and apparent respect.

Sam said...

Sonny has already mailed another nasty letter to those bastards at SI.

LWS said...

Looks smashing. I will say, if the roles were reversed, I would not have posted it. Kind of a compliment, I think

Anonymous said...

If I were on the coaching staff, I'd get one to paste on evey players locker. Maybe a really big blow up for those who were on the field at the time.

Hard to say for sure, but any chance we had of recovering momentum evaporated with that play.

Anonymous said...

If you get on the SI cover for something truly horrendous, maybe the curse works in reverse and the team trounces everyone else this year. I woudl just be happy to return UF's 2002 favor in Jacksonville.

Jmac said...

Yeah, it's not the most pleasant thing to know that Georgia lost the game, but the rationale of the article is good for the Bulldogs ... that any team is good enough to beat one another in the toughest conference in the country.

So that's cool.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that the media keeps saying that Georgia is not good enough yet when someone beats them, that team (ex. WVU, UT, etc.) automatically becomes the toast of town for having taken down the big, bad Dawgs.

Anonymous said...

Hey, when do we get to get in on some of the fun? Signed Sly Croom.

Anonymous said...

Two weeks, Sly, two weeks.

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