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October 12, 2006

Totally non-football, but 30

I tried to give Aaron Sorkin a break and give Studio 60 my full and undivided attention. Why? As Kyle King and I have discussed numerous times, I'm a Wingnut. But the show really isn't going anywhere, and we're already in episode 3.

Tonight, I saw 30 Rock, and I've got to tell you it looks like the best new comedy in a while. Both shows are more or less about a SNL type show. 30 Rock is taking the comedic avenue while Studio 60 takes the drama route. It's apples to oranges, but I can at least see that 30 Rock has a future...assuming the Tracy Morgan bit isn't a one joke thing.

Niki from Heroes. Image: Yahoo

While we're talking new shows and not talking defensive schemes for the Dawgs. The best new show on TV so far is Heroes. I took a look at Six Degrees (pointless), The Nine (interesting) and a few others, but Heroes is Must See TV. Plus, the coach's daughter from Remember the Titans is the indestructible girl from Texas on the show, and Niki (image above) is the 12th level of hot.

So there's that.



SmoothJimmyApollo said...

Not one of the network golden-childs, and not even new for that matter, but anybody who has not tried out It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia on FX is missing out on a sizable portion of life.

Just my 2 cents, take it for what it's worth.

Anonymous said...

she had me at "Things change, Mox. You're the startin' quarterback now."

Doug said...

But he doesn't! want! your liiife!

"30 Rock" was indeed hilarious, and I don't know why, I just laugh every time Tracy Morgan is on the screen. I'm glad there's a new show to see him on now that he's no longer playing the part of Spoonie Luv on "Crank Yankers."

Dante said...

I'd argue that Heroes isn't the best new show as of the time of posting but that is irrelevant now because there is a new best new show: "I Pity the Fool."

C. Paul said...


As a fellow Wingnut (as we've discussed before) I agree with your assessment of Studio 60. As a matter of fact, I turned the Mrs. after watching the last episode and said "I'm not seeing it this time".

I agree on Heroes but find it hard to see how the show plays out for more than 2 seasons.

A quick plug here - the first season of MTV's The State is available on iTunes and I can't recommend it enough. The Capt. Monterrey Jack skits make it worth the investment alone.

Anonymous said...

The West Wing?!?!

Good thing you know football.

I'm an Office guy & Lost (like abad crack habit, not good for youbut I can't quit)

Anonymous said...

All those shows suck... Smith was the only new one I was even remotely interested in and CBS goes and cancels it after 3 episodes because it started late as hell and critics panned it by repeating themselves over and over "Who wants to watch or root for a bunch of criminals?!"

Guess they've never heard of a little show on HBO called THE SOPRANOS.

dustinuga said...

I'd def. agree about 30 Rock. I caught most of the episode last night... "I am a Jedi! I am a Jedi!"

About Heros, uhhh.... I saw the pilot episode and for me it was just "ok". I'm more of a fan of The Nine and Camille Guaty.

ruteger said...

C. Paul, there is a ridiculously large amount of The State episodes on Youtube, including one of my personal favorites, which is an excellent metaphor for our defensive game plan for the Sugar Bowl.

I was so-so on 30 Rock, but I'm more than willing to give it a chance. My favorite parts of Studio 60 so far are when they do skits that look like they'd actually be funnier than what's on SNL right now.

Anonymous said...

As a wingnut also, I have been watching Studio 60 and enjoying it, but it may be because of Amanda Peet.

Anonymous said...

Also a wingnut here as well as a HUGE fan of Sports Night. Both of those are very good proof that a cocaine habit doesn't always lead to bad things.

Hobnail_Boot said...

Unfortunately, the best new show of the year, Smith, already got cancelled after only an absurd 3 episodes. Sigh.. oh well.

Heroes looked promising, but it's just missing something. Not compelling TV like it should be.

On a positive note, the 3rd season of Lost is off to a blazing start.

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