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October 12, 2006

To be the man you gotta beat the man

Steve Spurrier got back to Nature Monday night. Spurrier attended WWE RAW is WAR as the guest of bleached-blond, mulletted, and--no surprise--Gator fan Ric "Nature Boy" Flair. Like many of the most rabid Gator fans, he didn't actually attend the University of Florida. Said Spurrier, "He used to married to a girl who was a big Gator fan."

[Full disclosure: Flair is my all-time favorite wrestler, even if he stands on the wrong side of the field in Jacksonville. When we hold up four fingers at the start of the fourth quarter, sometimes I look around for Arn, Ole & Tully.]

The Nature Boy is going back to the heart of Four Horsemen country to attend the October 28 South Carolina game in Columbia against Tennessee. Clearly, the Nature Boy has not held a grudge against Spurrier for coaching at the school that ripped off his entrance music.

I want my entrance music back! That music is for winners! Woooo!

Spurrier has never been one to pass up an opportunity to get his digs in--especially against Georgia. Flair regularly attended the Georgia-Florida game while Spurrier was coach, along with Bill Goldberg. "So they would come the the Georgia-Florida game every year. Bill Goldberg was the Georgia Bulldog, so whoever won got the bragging rights. Obviously, Flair got most of the bragging rights in that series." Ouch. Fair enough, bitch.

You beat him 18-0? Sounds like you ARE the man! Woooo!

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Dan said...

Some guys shake hands, some guys give that three step hug thing, my friends and I great each other with knife edged chops.

God bless Ric Flair.

hillofadawg said...

Is that Dawg Radio's own Tony Shavoni?

Anonymous said...

Go old school (link).

Gordon Solie, Freddie "Be There!" Miller, the Assassins, the Andersons, Ivan Koloff, Tommy Wildfire Rich, and Dusty gettin' his a$$ kicked in a cage match at the Omni.


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