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November 26, 2006

LOL! ACC Title Game Tix on eBay for $5-20/each

I pity the City of Jacksonville. There is so little interest in the ACC title game that tickets are selling for less than a case of beer on eBay. Make that a case of really, really crappy beer.

Example 1 - 2 upper levels (front row)
Example 2 - 2 lower levels
Example 3 - 4 uppers (at time of publish all 4 tix were going for $19.00 total with less than 2 hours left on the auction)
Example 4 -- 2 lowers

The ratings on this game will be roughly equivalent to Women's Softball. And no, I'm not profiting from these links.



Anonymous said...

Georgia Tech Football....Still, Still better than a car wreck.

ctrosecrans said...

paul, it's pretty clear that NOBODY is profiting from those links

acc football -- you know you want it

i bet mike tranghese is laughing his ass off about this

Anonymous said...

Boy,there will be some property destroyed that night.
I would rather take a crowbar to the kneecap than pay $1.39 for that zzzfest.

JudgeDawg said...

Does 4 hotdogs and 4 cokes come with the tickets?

Anonymous said...

I live in Jacksonville and maybe I'll just go just to watch Tech lose again. That NEVER gets old.

Anonymous said...

The ACC Championship Game theme for 2006. " Well, somebody has to win it!"

Doug said...

Why don't they just move the ACCCG to Thursday night? Honestly, isn't that when you'd expect a Wake Forest-Georgia Tech matchup to be played anyway?

Anonymous said...

I would love to walk up to the GA Dome and get four tickets anywhere in there for the SECCG at $105!

Anonymous said...

This is a golden opportunity for a church group, Boy Scout troop or Kiwanis club to get several hundred tickets. They'll prolly even move the kickoff time to suit their preference.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they can play the ACC championship at halftime of a Jags game like the Athens Y pee-wees used to do at Sanford Stadium.

It would almost guarantee them a full house.

Anonymous said...

C'mon, Dog! To have even a modicom of respectability as a responsible journalist, you should only post the price of SOLD tickets!

You're posting prices of OPEN auctions.

A common practice at e-bay is to start the bidding at very low asking prices. Those prices have NO CORRELATION to sold prices.

Respectfully submitted,

paulwesterdawg said...


When you posted your comment all of the tix on my links WERE SOLD. The prices ranged from $10-25 per ticket.

Read the links pal

Anonymous said...

I just checked your four links again.

The reserve was not met on 2 of them, which means they did not sell. (They'll be relisted, probably.)

2 did sell fairly cheaply at $28 and $36.

But NONE of your examples sold for $5-20, as your headline indicated.

Can you even find ONE that sells for under $20? Is not, a headline change might be in order, if you're interested in accuracy at all.

But, if you're just entertaining those who like what they're reading, accurate or not, I suppose it's OK.


Anonymous said...

nobody ever considers the fact that Wake Forest graduates about 1,000 kids a year with the second smallest D1 student body in the country.

As far as Georgia Tech goes, they are a little nerdy and need to step it up fan wise.

I guess it makes everyone feel better that year after year your State School U cranks out 10,000 redneck graduates who can barely spell their name on their diploma but will forever loyally root and attend games for State School U along with the other half a million living graduates.

Anonymous said...

For the sake of clarity, the 2 items which sold for $28.26 and $36 where 2 tickets apiece, so the price per ticket was $14 and $18 -- in the upper range of your $5-20 range.

When people set the bidding low, to encourage bids, and don't set reserves, they sometimes get burned like this. It's happened to me before, and probably others reading this. That doesn't mean the average going price for an ACC CG ticket is in that range.

Those willing to browse through e-bay themselves will see the tickets are selling across a wide range, depending upon seat location, as is usually the case.

Take care, and enjoy watching the game from your sofa (since the Dawgs aren't playing in a Conference Championship game), or whatever you elect to do at that time.

Your respectful opponent,

paulwesterdawg said...

Vandy is a quality school with much higher academic standards than Tech. They've beaten UGA just as many times since '91 as GT has. And they did it WITHOUT eleven ineligible players.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully people won't look at their attendance at the ACC Championship Game or whichever bowl game they end up in and think they don't support their teams well, it's just a simple matter of mathematics when your entire living alumni base couldn't fill the stadium if every single one showed up. I would wager that Wake has a higher percentage of total alumni at any post season game than any other school, and probably by a decent margin. They love their sports, this season is a great reward for the support put into the programs.

Anonymous said...

Goldtimer......You need a nice big hot steaming cup of Shut the Hell Up!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you need a nice, refreshing enema. ;-)

You can always tell when somebody doesn't have a valid argument when he responds with comments like yours -- and posts as anon without telling who he is.


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