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December 17, 2006

Georgia Races Past Gonzaga

Stukes dropped 25 on the Zags (Image:

UGA may or may not make the NCAA Tourney this year. But one thing is for certain. The days of winning and losing unwatchable games by scores like 45-42 appear to be over. This team can run and run and run some more.

Georgia played a quality running team in Gonzaga, and we ran them out of the gym 96-83. I never would've imagined a scenario where we topped our scoring average against a Top 20 team.

(Image: Gaines was unstoppable)

Kudos to Felton. This is a well conditioned team with solid hands that looks great in transition. We still need to iron out the half court offense and defense, but damn. That was fun.

Box Score Highlights:
-- Sundiata Gaines had 21 points, 8 rebounds, 6 steals, 5 assists and only 4 turnovers. You won't see a better stat line than that.
-- Levi Stukes had 25 points including a 10 in a row.
-- Mercer had 19 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists
-- UGA had 14 offensive rebounds to Gonzaga's four.
-- .539 on field goals is outstanding
-- 19 assists and only 12 turnovers while forcing the Zags into 21 turnovers.

The Zags may have "looked past us" in preparation for their big game with Duke, but it sure didn't look like it from their 59% shooting or the 10 3-pointers. We were just more athletic than them, we protected the ball better, and our guys made huge shots when it mattered.

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Anonymous said...

And that big hairy guy that was crashing the boards and dishing out some nice assists... that wasn't really Steve Newman, was it? Every single guy looks better disciplined, better conditioned than last year. Here's hoping they keep it up - real tough slate the next few games.

Anonymous said...

Great win for the dogs; great coverage by pwd.

You make a point no one else has, pwd: win 20 or 15 this year, NIT or NCAA, we will be much more likely to go down with guns blazing, rather than in a 45-42 uglyfest. If Florida beats us 82-85 this year, will that really be such a bad way to spend a couple of hours?

Also (barring injuries or suspensions) we will be a team that no one will want to play in March in a one-and-done situation -- the spectre that we'll do to you what we did to 'Zaga will be there for everyone. The three lead guards won't go off for 60 every game, but when they do, hold on to your jock, I don't care who you are.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing the difference some quality depth makes.

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