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December 13, 2006

The Orgeron's New Blog

Everyday Should be Lemsday debuts strong enough to immediately lock down the "New Blog of the Year" award from the BlogPoll guys. (Ht - Orson Swindle). The guys at Fire Mark May and House That Rock Built put the site together for Coach O.

My favorite post is Coach O's 12 Days of Christmas.

The whole site is written in Coach O's thick cajun dialect. I pretty much have to give a hat tip to Chris Vernon while I'm at it. Vernon's "Col. Reb is Crying" song looks to have been the inspiration for this masterpiece.



MaconDawg said...

After the Kenny Irons interview, Urban Meyer's disciplinary regime, and Sly Croom's offense, this blog is clearly the fourth funniest thing in the SEC today. I'm slotting it in just ahead of Les Miles' choice of Elmer Fudd-ish headgear and that feeling of vindication Mike Shula will get every time Alabama deposits a large sum of money in his bank account every month for the foreseeable future.

If however someone could snap a picture of JaMarcus Russell riding a camel, that would clearly leap into the top three.

Anonymous said...

Someone point me towards the direction of the Kenny Irons interview. I missed this one.

Also, the Coach O blog is great.
Had to get my wife to translate
This if fun reading as I get ready
for 100 MPH winds out here on the
Oregon coast.

Anonymous said...

The Kenny Irons interview can be found in all of its, um, "glory" here:

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