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January 12, 2007

ACC Champ Winless in Bowls over the past 7 years

Some interesting stats from the Fredericksburg paper. Turns out that the ACC Champion hasn't won a bowl game since 1999 (FSU vs. VT). Additionally, the ACC has never had a second team chosen for the BCS. And, this year the ACC only won two bowl games against other BCS Conference teams. So much for the whole "ACC Sooper Conference" discussion.

ACC Football: It's better than the WAC!



Hobnail_Boot said...

ACC Football: Come for the half-full stadiums, stay for the mediocrity!

Anonymous said...

I saw today where the Steelers are also interviewing Chan Gailey for the HC position. Don't know what the probabilities are that he would land either that job or the one in Miami, but if either of those were to happen, does anyone know what a list of candidates for the GT job would look like?
Personally, I hope Gailey stays forever.

Jordan said...

The horrible thing is, regardless of how mediocre the conference has been, how bad it has performed in bowls, specifically BCS ones, and their inability to field two top-notch teams in one season will all be forgotten the one time they do get two teams in or win a BCS a game. And then the flood of sportswriters, campaigning for the little-brother conference, will be telling us how the "tide is changing" and the ACC is becoming a better football conference than the SEC.

Anonymous said...

I believe the SEC champ is either 6-1 or 5-2 over the same period. Another unreported fact -- Mark Richt is 10-0 against the ACC ( 6 against GT, 2 against Clemson, 1 each against FSU and VT).

all school said...

ACC football is better than the WAC? Not so fast, my friend....

I dont know about you, Paul, but I'm taking Boise State and giving the points against any team in the ACC. Is there anyone who thinks either of the ACC finalists could have beaten Boise St in a bowl? Oklahoma touted itself as the best 1 loss team in America (a snide comment on the blown onside call), they're a recent national champ, they're very well coached (wasnt it just a couple of years ago that Bob Stoops was proclaimed the brightest young coach in America, the man who would restore eternal glory to OU, and who, due to his brilliance, charisma, work ethic, and ability to recruit the best talent, would very likely never lose a game again in his career? Basically, he was the Urban Meyer of 4 years ago.)

anyhow, you see what Boise St did to OU. Boise St played with heart (no word on whether their kicker was described by anyone as "wiry," or in "good shape by Welsh standards").

Me, I think Boise would kick anyone's ass in the whole ACC. In fact, you could put together an all star team (not in the literal sense) from Duke, UNC and NC State, and Boise would kick ass.

Dont be hatin' on the WAC.

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