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January 5, 2007

More Chick-Fil-A Bowl Pictures -- Offense

Jim Hipple's photos from the game. Click to enlarge.

Matt Stafford on the run.

Martrez Milner after the long pass down the sideline.

Milner scores.

Milner and Fernando Velasco celebrate the catch with Hairy Dawg.

All photos by Jim Hipple. Click to enlarge.



Anonymous said...

Seeing those pics made me think that in the last few games - really since the WLOCP - Milner had stepped his game up. I am sure he had a dropped pass or two, but I don't remember them as much as I remember the great catches he had in the endzone, under pressure. He may end up a better pro than Pope. He's definitely physically gifted. Not many TEs run better routes than he does. In fact, part of what made his drops so frustrating, and so noticeable, is how wide open he was when they occurred. He's a DGD and I hope he has a great pro career.

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