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January 11, 2007

Ohio State's Script Ohio Humor

After the national title game, I remarked that a photoshop version of the Ohio State band doing their "script ohio" formation could have some nice humor possibilities. Ask and you shall receive.

Overrated: By SWGDawg

O-Shit. by Milldawg.

Our readers rock. Thanks fellas. As always, great farks are welcome here.



Anonymous said...

It's funny that Georgia would comment on anything, seeing they don't even know what it feels to be in A BCS game, let alone and BCS Championship game. But funny. Hopefully you'll have something cleaver for the next team that's in the NC game since it won't be Georgia..again.

Unknown said...

We went to the sugar in 2002 and 2005. Those are BCS bowls.

And the word is clever. Not cleaver.


Anonymous said...

Sit back and throw darts at Ohio State. Where were the Dawgs on January 8th? That's right. Aerosmith has a theme song for all of the Georgia fans hopes of a National Championship..."Dream On".

Anonymous said...

Welcome to SEC football...LOSER

Anonymous said...

ohio state is a joke of a program that really hasn't deserved to be in any bcs championship games, ohio state is comparable to most division 2 programs, but should we make fun of the band they played better than the team, maybe osu should have suited them up they couldn't have done any worse

Anonymous said...

Comparable to Division 2 schools? Wasn't it just a few years ago that Ohio State beat a Miami team that many people thought was one of the strongest teams ever? Your SEC arrogance is pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Hey, can you please photo shop this Script "Oshit" on the hardcourt? You gotta do it since they got schooled AGAIN last night by the GATORS!!! Big 10 can't keep up with the SEC in anything... well, maybe Woman's Field Hockey and Badminton.

Anonymous said...

To say OSU has never deserved to go to a bowl game is stretching it.
I hate inmature football fans.
I'm not even a buckeye fan, but they are good, and at times have been great. Teams have ups and downs. They have had some of the best coaches, Hayes and Tressel. They have something and they always will. Plus, they have a great support system that any team would love to have.
Just remember, OSU doesn't rank themselves. If anything you shold be trash talking the system. They (osu) have no say in the matter. Stop hating on your peers who are just doing what they love to do. Hate on the system.

Trombley said...

Miami actually dominated that game and won the game if not for a CHEAT call by the Ohio based ref on a blatant Missed call. Yes Ohio is comparable only to Div. 2 teams and that's being overly generous! Sec does suck but Ohio is Pathetic!

Trombley said...

Hayes and TressLIAR were LOSERS... got beat down by several better teams during those eras of cheating and disgrace. Ospew does rank themselves as all teams have voters in the pools. The system may suck but the cheating Suckeyes are the most pathetic school in the nation. Liars and Cheaters have no place in college sports.. Ospew ranks as the Cesspool of the nation!

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