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February 20, 2007

Georgia RPI Notes

From UGA's SID

RPI notes of interest...
-- Of the four remaining opponents on the Georgia schedule, only Kentucky (7) and Tennessee (12) have higher RPI ratings than the Bulldogs. The highest current RPI of any team that Georgia has beaten is 7 by Kentucky. The next highest? 44 by Vanderbilt. Conversely, the lowest current RPI of any team that has beaten Georgia is the 93 by Western Kentucky. Other RIPs of note include the lowly 69 by Gonzaga, despite an 18-9 record.

-- In the RPI vernacular, Georgia has but a 15-9 record because Valdosta State is an NCAA Division II school. RPI ratings consider only games against Division I opponents. Consequently, Georgia’s 15 wins are the fewest among all of the teams in the RPI’s top 55. Three other teams in that top 55 group have more losses than Georgia: #41 Texas Tech, #30 Bradley and #42 Arkansas, all with 10 losses.

-- Other Georgia teams to have earned at-large NCAA Tournament berths include:
    2000-01 (RPI of 27)
    2001-02 (RPI of 18)
    1996-97 (RPI of 19)
    1995-96 (RPI of 33)
-- Notable Georgia teams that did NOT make the NCAAs included:
    2003-04 (RPI of 48) 6-10 in the SEC
    1994-95 (RPI of 64)
    1997-98 (RPI of 54)
Georgia’s highest-ever end-of-season RPI came in the truncated year of 2003, when the Bulldogs finished with an RPI of 5...The RPI is available only as far back as 1994.



Mr. Egger said...

tennessee looks more important by the day.

Adam said...

I still think we should have played the 2003 tourney. What a bad move!

stick jackson said...

Agree, begger. AU was a hurdle to get over. Now the rest of the schedule looks set to play put with loses on the road (not conceding, but boy, will it be tough) and a win over the Bizarro Dogs leading up to the showdown with UT. Win and get in.

Anonymous said...

werent we 7-9 in 04?

Paul Westerdawg said...

Anon - you may be right. I'll check my media guide when I get home. I wrote that running out the door.


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