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April 10, 2007

Bloggerpalooza '07: a good review

Doug at HeyJennySlater and Kyle at hosted Bloggerpalooza '07 on North Campus. Both men have their reviews up. Personally, I'm partial to Doug's review in which he describes meeting yours truly.
7. Paul Westerdawg is a mountain of a man. I'd never met him in person before, and only talked on the phone with him once or twice; unlike me and Kyle, he scrupulously maintains his anonymity on his blog, so neither of us knew what to expect when he showed up. But the dude is like seven feet tall, 350 pounds if he's an ounce, and showed up gnawing on a turkey leg the size of one of Lou Ferrigno's biceps. Right before we packed up and headed over to the game, he filled a Big Gulp cup full of Maker's Mark and shotgunned it. I asked him, "How much Coke was in that cup?" and he replied, all confused like, "Coke?"
You can't beat that for good press. Thanks for the invite fellas.


(Note: Bloggerpalooza was the gathering of the 12,643 UGA bloggers for the G-Day game. Well, not all 12,000 actually showed up. But a bunch did.)


Dawg 05 said...

Are you from the same gene pool as Leonard Pope or Brandon Southerland?

Anonymous said...

only a big gulp cup full? pansy.

blackertai said...

It was a memorable experience. I'd never had a person introduce themselves to me by their handle before.

Anonymous said...

7' - 350lbs? I had you pegged at 5'-8" and about 410.

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