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April 8, 2007

G-Day Recap


Some articles from Gday:My thoughts on G-Day:
I've probably attended 9 or 10 G-Day Games since '91, and I've seen maybe three entertaining games. Not that you asked, but the best was '91 when Zeier / McDuffie's debuted.

Don't get me wrong. Sitting in Sanford Stadium on a pretty day and barking is always good times, but watching the Spring Game is a straight up freak show. Every great play on offense is a busted play on defense. So watching it is incredibly frustrating.

I liked that Brandon Miller made some plays, the WRs caught basically everything thrown near them, and Moreno/Lumpkin looked very stout. I also loved that the first team offensive line had no problem with the first team defense. All encouraging signs.

However, our defense was totally and completely gashed. The level of tackling, pass coverage and pressure on the QBs wasn't anywhere remotely near acceptable. That's a problem that lead Martinez to say he was considering throwing out his entire depth chart after the game.

The good news...we don't play Oklahoma State for several months. Most years, we have no offense in this game. It's just a different thing to worry about this year. Nothing more. Nothing less.


I will say that if Mikey Henderson had a blog, it would be called "Everyday Should Be G-Day." (only kidding)


Anonymous said...

well, I thought the DEs were doing a fine job for much of the game. The OL was getting away with a lot of blatant holding, IMO. It wasn't as bad as that AJC article makes it out to be. It wasn't all that great either, though.

JasonC said...

Chris Durham looked great! Stafford still looks very mistake prone.

Anonymous said...

I read about the game in the AJC. Georgia got their ass kicked, plain and simple.

All the other teams in the southeast won their spring games.

Why can't Georgia?

This is getting to be very frustrating.

82 said...

FH3 G Day photo gallery ->

stick jackson said...

T. Moore is on an unbelievable hot streak. First the Tubby column, now this.

I've got to think he's working on a blockbuster about how, somehow, deep down, race was the reason Georgia offered Thomas Brown instead of Darius Walker so that order can be restored in the universe.

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