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June 11, 2007

Blake Barnes and Tripp Chandler Arrested

We'll probably do more on this later, but let me just say this. Without giving a full blown "vouch"....the word out of Athens....if you ranked all 85 scholarship football players at Georgia, Blake Barnes would come in around 80th to 85th of kids least likely to get arrested for anything.

That said...what sort of dipshit walks down Lumpkin Street at 3:00 am with an open beer? That's a freshman move. Academic seniors (redshirt juniors) like Barnes should know that the Athens and UGA cops live for the open container arrest. That's their holy grail along side jaywalking tickets and shaking down orpahs orphans (although - Oprah's is funnier). Plus, who confesses to buying booze for someone else?

Best I can figure, the cop was driving Mudcat's Car since the two players were on foot.

And yes, this means that Tripp Chandler, our starting TE, will likely miss the Oklahoma State game and at least part of the South Carolina game. The good news is that we've got tight ends all over the place. The bad news is that Chandler is a solid (or better) blocker, and our ultra young/green OL could have benefited from his assistance in those early games.

More later. We're consulting our chief legal counselor currently.

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Anonymous said...

My guess is they actually had to walk because they were driving Mudcat's car and the transmission blew out.

jerome said...

Mudcat's transmisson blew.

Jake Scott's Mustang is in the shop. Major fender repair.

Herschel traded in his Trans-Am for a Mini-Van. Currently in Dallas.

There's no room on Russ Tanner's scooter.

Our boys were simply out of options.

Nathan said...

Man, I love busting on UGa players living up to the Clarke County Correctional Institute nickname ... but this is getting ridiculous. What in the world is wrong with the Athens police?

You're a college town. A fairly well known college town. Part of the draw of the town is the fact that you have college kids and college bars and nice weather to enjoy them. There is absolutely nothing gained by this kind of stuff.

You know, how hard is it to see a kid with a cup, tell him to pour it out and go back inside of wherever he came out of. That's all you need to do. If he's belligerent or a threat to his own health, that's one thing ... but at this point the Athens police are just harassing people for the heck of it.

Anonymous said...

From what I understand, the guys were crossing the street in front of their house to borrow a lighter from a neighbor. As public offials, Cops refrained from using personal judgement and arrested these two guys who posed no danger to themselves or anyone else.

Richard said...

Athens Clarke County Police never got the "To Serve and Protect" memo. They are and have always been in "looking to bust someone mode". When I was younger, I honestly believed that all cops everywhere were like that until I moved away from Athens and realized that most cops are out their to simply protect us against real criminals.

Dawg 05 said...

anon- The cops didn't bust them for jaywalking, too?

dawgphan42 said...

So that is 2 Fulmer Cup points. Or did Blake pull 2 on his own?

Anonymous said...

Why is it every time I think of the Athens PD a picture of Reno 911 comes to mind???

You can't even walk down the street at 3am with an open beer in college any more? If that was the case in '92 I'd still be in Reidsville...

Kanu said...

As bad as ACC police are, UGA Campus police are worse. I got a minor in possession from one for having beer on my person on North Campus at 2 a.m. while not being loud, obnoxious, or bothering a soul, from a fellow student {UGA Campus police in training}. This was his big chance to live out some hardass John Wayne/Dirty Harry fantasy, and impress his superiors at the beginning of his career, and he went all out with it.

Looking back I suppose the only good to come out of it is that the Athens Red Cross got 20 hours of volunteer service.

On the other hand, thanks to the wonderful world of nolo contendre and the passing of time, officially speaking, none of the above ever happened.

Anonymous said...

read the ajc only question is, who said that Stafford was lifting and EMPTY keg?

Doug said...

I was once cited by an ACC cop for pulling into a left-turn lane too early. I almost wanted to tell the guy I had a dead co-ed in my trunk, just to make the lame-ass traffic stop worth my while.

all school said...

I had no idea Athens cops were shaking down Oprah. Surely that violates several federal statutes, but it does show a certain police ingenuity; who has more money than Oprah?

As for Barnes and Chandler, I grant you it's a stupid rule. I grant you they probably werent doing anything thousands of us before them have done (or as bad, in many cases), but anyone who's been a student for more than a couple of weeks who hasnt realized that the UGA/ACC police are going to treat you with less mercy than a pack of wolves will show a lamb chop kind of gets what he gets.

I can tell you stories from the Junkyard Dogs era of the mid 70s involving football players, alcohol and shennanigans out on the town that would make all this look like a Baptist Sunday School picnic....which is about how tame it sounds, anyhow.

dixiehound said...

graduated in 97 and while the cops were uber-zealous in handing out open container (i got at least 2 or 3 of them) never once was I arrested, it was more or less a parking ticket.

so whats up with taking them to jail?? doesnt this seem just a tad aggressive, fighting with an open container is one thing, but just walking down the street? ACC Cops must hate football.

Anonymous said...

The ACC and UGAPD Gestapo's enforcing the open container law can be summed up in one word "REVENUE". The fines generate a few hundred dollars for each arrest. I honestly can not see a bigger waste of time and paperwork by arresting someone for crossing the street. Now if their mouth starts writing checks their ass can't cash, or if there are other circumstances, by all means, to the Gray Bar Hotel we go. Otherwise, just pour out your drink, and go the hell home!

Anonymous said...

True that they were only going to a neighbor's house to get a lighter (a party was going on there and they had a good assumption that someone at the party would have a lighter) in order to smoke a cigar on the back deck of Barnes' house. The cop was ever so kind to let Barnes take his dog back home and lock the house - smirk. This was at 1:30 AM not 6 AM! Also, don't forget that they were working Habitat for Humanity that day too - so much for that good work being mentioned!

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